Tabé Tips

Meet Tabenyang Ndipagbor 

Huntington Beach, CA

Equinox Tier 3 Trainer and Online Coach



Today I had the great privilege of interviewing MY FIRST personal trainer, Tabenyang (aka Tabe)!

I’m happy to say, Tabe has not only become a physical mentor, but also a good friend over the past year that I have known him. In all of my athletic life I had never worked with a personal trainer. Only coaches and instructors, from different sports and classes. I wasn’t use to that kind of one-on-one attention and to be honest I wasn’t sure how I felt about it in the beginning. Initially, I was nervous about the accountability and the vulnerability that came with the Personal Training setting. I will never forget the first time we met; it was to do my physical evaluation. His outstanding physique and stoic appearance undoubtably can leave a person feeling a little intimidated, but the intimidation quickly faded. I caught a glimpse of the back of his name tag…

“smile at 3 people today and introduce your self.”

I read it aloud.

A smile instantly erupted on his face, as he chuckled and replied,

“It’s something I’m working on!”

I realized at that moment, this spectacular human was a complete teddy bear.  It didn’t take long for me to see that I had been paired with exactly the right trainer for my personality and my fitness work ethic. Working with Tabe has been an inspiring process. He is a truly dedicated athlete, always striving to reach personal goals. It feels like almost every time we talk he’s trying to achieve something new! I think its incredibly important to find a trainer that lives by example and Tabe does exactly that!

In the video Tabe will explain 3 of his favorite workouts

Keep scrolling and find a little more out about what makes Tabe unique. This is what he had to say in our interview:

“What inspired you to become a trainer?”
“I’ve always liked helping people. I had to struggle with my fitness endeavors in life. When I was younger I struggled with being over weight and I didn’t get the help or the resources I needed. I feel that I can reach out to people so they don’t have to deal with that struggle alone. When you have the best body of your life and the body you desire your entire life is different. It’s something no one can take away from you. An elite physique.”

“What would you consider to be your training specialty?”
“Body building, high intensity training, kettle bells and sport specific.”

“What is your ideal outcome for your training clients?”
“For them to feel good about themselves, sleep better. Body confidence. Mental strength. You can train someone, kill it in the gym, but they can leave feeling terrible mentally. I want my clients to feel recharged after working with me. Not just physically but spiritually energized.”

“How much of a factor is diet in having a fit body?”
“It’s more important than actual training. Anyone can workout hard but the diet is a lifestyle change in itself. Diet is 70% of the struggle. 2016 I can honestly say I worked out 30% but maintained a better diet and improved my physique overall. Prior years I worked out harder and longer but I didn’t achieve the same results. It’s so important to have the out side the gym education. I send my clients home with the knowledge to be successful in there daily life.”

“What inspires you to get in the gym everyday?”
“For me, a lot of it is the interaction with clients and coworkers. There’s days I don’t want to come to the gym, but I know it will better my attitude.

You get a high from putting in work at the gym. It’s a feeling of achievement. The days I don’t work out, I’m just not Tabe.”

“What’s one lifting myth you’d like to debunk right now?”
“The one thing I want to debunk right now is spot reduction. The idea that If You work one area hard that you will reduce the fat in the certain area. It comes down to diet and over all health. I think people need to have a better understanding of their unique body type. Some fatty areas are related to hormones, genetics, eating habits. I like to educate my clients so they don’t get confused by these ideas.”

“*There is no such thing as spot training!*”

“What does having a savage body mean to you?”
“A savage body, for me means I can walk in front of a mirror and be like, who’s that? Oh yeah, that’s me. I look at my self with confidence every time I look in the mirror. I see a savage body.”

Where you can find Tabenyang teaching

  • Equinox

Huntington Beach, CA

3 thoughts on “Tabé Tips

  1. Ashley says:

    I have been working with Tabe for a couple years now and I gotta say, he is the BEST trainer I’ve EVER worked with. He is extremely intellectual and understands the human body so well. Aside from that, there is never a dull moment when training with him. He provides a perfect balance between being serious and killing your workout, but also enjoying every minute of it. Last but not least, his workouts actually give RESULTS!!


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