Mama said, knock you out.

Meet Mary Spiegl

Costa Mesa, CA

Boxing Instructor and Studying Dietition

@maryspiegl & @hooked_boxing


Ever wanted to feel like Rocky running up those infamous Philly stairs?

Have you pictured yourself wrapping up your hands before a champ knockout? Ever imagined what it would feel like standing in that roped ring like a total badass? Yeah, me too.

Up until I was introduced to Mary that was all just a really fun fantasy. Good news! This girl proves that the fantasy is attainable! That is, if you’re willing to work your ass off and put your whole heart into it! In just the short time I spent with Mary at American Gym in Costa Mesa I felt her dedication to the sport pour into me.

Mary taught me that you don’t have to want to become the next Mohammad Ali or be an incredible athlete to take up this sport. It’s about the desire to better yourself and grow, mentally and physically. Spend a little time with Mary and you may find yourself moving like a butterfly and stinging like a bee!

Curious about what goes on in a beginner boxing session? Watch as Mary goes over some of the fundamental moves with me:

How did this chick become a complete rockstar athlete in the ring? Check out our interview to find out how Mary got her start and more…

How did you get into boxing?
I played soccer from the age of five up until I was eighteen, when I faced an injury that ended my soccer career. After that I trained and I ran my first marathon… and I HATED it. I just needed something to do after that. A best friend of mine invited me to a boxing class for fun and it all took off from there!

How long have you been boxing now?
I’ve been coaching for about two years now, boxing for six.

Thats quite a while! What inspired you to take on coaching?
My best friend and mentor was making a big move to New York and it was time for me to step up to the plate and use my skills and knowledge.

So you kind of took over for him?
Yeah, at this same gym.

Thats pretty awesome. It’s cool that you want to share what you’ve learned with others. What would you say is the most beneficial lesson that you’ve learned from boxing?
What I learned from boxing, as a female especially, is a sense of security.

I know I have the ability to stand up for myself and take care of myself in certain situations.

I’ve gained self confidence. Especially living in a place like Newport Beach, where everyone is so focused on aesthetics. It’s cool to have a great body, but it’s REALLY awesome to have something behind it. Something deeper. It means more.

What would you say to someone thinking about trying boxing out for the first time?
Don’t be intimidated. Boxing gyms tend to give off that vibe. You’d be surprised by the support system we provide. Especially here at American gym. Come learn with us we’re nice!

Is there any misconception about boxing you’d like to debunk now?
It’s not just for men… and it is a controlled environment! A lot of mothers out there are concerned about their kids boxing and getting hurt, but there is a lot of supervision. Everyone around you wants to see you succeed.

They call it the sweet science for a reason.

Last, I’ve got to ask, what does having a savage body mean to you?
A savage body, I would say is the body you are most confident in. Something you’ve worked hard to get. A savage body would be your optimal body to achieve the things you want to do!

I have to say, Mary inspired me to find deeper purpose in my workouts. Working with her and seeing her dedication was contagious. Boxing is an art form and I left the gym with an new level of respect for the sport! I learned you don’t have to be angry to fight like a champion, but it is very therapeutic! Boxing is what you make it. Time and energy spent in the gym will result in tangible skill!

If you’re looking for an activity to sculpt your body, while also gaining self confidence and relieving stress, this workout might be perfect for you!

Want to train with Mary at American Gym?

Log on to Hooked Boxing and book a class or check out the American Gym class schedule!


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