A Patriotic Pump, Fury – A Savage Body Pre-workout of choice


Have you been searching for something extra to boost your workout and your results?

I spent a long time working out with out using any kind of supplement. I didn’t want to take anything, because I was afraid of putting unnatural chemicals into my body. I was used to walking into supplement stores and leaving feeling completely confused about the products. The ingredients on the labels we’re so foreign to me. The testimonials seemed bought and paid for… I knew I wanted something authentic. I wanted something real. Something that would make me feel good during and after my workouts. That was when I discovered FSN Labs.
When I found Fury, I discovered I didn’t have to compromise my goal of remaining all natural while also enhancing my performance. To make it simple, I’ll break down into bullets why FSN Labs and Fury stood out to me.

  • Fury is 100% natural (just take a look at the table of ingredients)
  • Fury contains a total of 2.5 Grams of Creatine per scoop (powerfully concentrated)
  • FSN Labs is owned and operated by United States Veterans
  • Proceeds are donated to Veterans Relief fund each year

If you know me, you know how much our United States Military means to me. The fact that FSN Labs gives back to the men and women who serve our country makes it so much more than a run of the mill nutrition brand.


I’ve been fortunate to partner with FSN and they have agreed to offer the readers of A Savage Body 10%!

Use code SAVAGE10 for 10% off at checkout

FSN Labs, the makers of Fury…

Finally, a protein company I can stand behind.

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