Juice you? NO, ‘Juice Mi’!

Meet Mimi Chau

Huntington Beach, CA

Owner of Juice Mi



Today’s post is all about the internal route to A Savage Body, via nutritional health and dietary care!

What we put inside our bodies has such a huge impact on the results we see on the outside and it HUGELY impacts how we feel on a daily basis!

I sat down with Mimi, the lovely founder of Orange County based ‘Juice Mi’ this past week. She and I dove into all of the benefits of organic cold press juicing and how her company got it’s start!

If you’ve been wondering about the benefits of drinking a juice a day or considering doing a full juice only cleanse, this weeks interview should answer all of your questions! Mimi has a thorough background with juicing and she also has experienced the personal life changing results of incorporating cold pressed into her life style.


In the video below Mimi will tell you all about the amazing nutrient packed juices involved in a ‘Juice Mi’ cleanse!

Keep reading to find out how juicing has changed Mimis life for the better and how it can change your life too!

How did you get inspired to start juicing?
It goes back to when I was 23 years old when I moved away from San Jose to California. I didn’t know how to cook and I was eating out all the time. I constantly felt tired. I didn’t know what was going on with my body. I was convinced I was sick.

I met a tri-athlete who introduced me to juicing and it completely changed how my body felt.

From there I bought my very first juicer off amazon! I started trying out making juices at home. At first I would just have one juice a day. I eventually worked my way up to doing my own cleanse! I became so passionate about it. Friends and family noticed and they wanted me to make them juice! I decided to turn it into a business!

Did you grow up in a health conscious family?
Honestly, no! I grew up in a family that didn’t ever eat salads or vegetables. I wasn’t used to health food. Juicing is an amazing way to train your palette. I started to crave veggies after I started juicing!

At 23 years old I had never had a salad.

I didn’t like the taste of a lot of juices out there, but I saw the benefit.

How has juicing impacted your physical fitness and working out?
I was never good at working out. I was that girl that would have gotten a ‘D’ in PE! I couldn’t even run a mile. After my first cleanse I started running A LOT. The energy was life changing. I saw amazing progress and things transformed. I felt lighter and more focused.

Has your juicing practiced changed since you became pregnant? And would you recommend juicing/doing a juice cleanse while you’re pregnant?
Our juice is 100% safe for pregnancy, but when you’re pregnant, you cant go on a juice only cleanse. I recommend just adding one or two juices a day to your normal diet! Its great to start with one day cleanses post pregnancy! I can’t wait to get my pre-baby body back!

What would you say are the 3 best benefits of juicing?
For me it has definitely been the energy, the clear/glowing skin and the fat reduction on the mid section!

Juicing has helped me eliminate belly fat/bloat and tone my stomach like never before!

What does having A Savage Body mean to you?
A healthy mind, body and soul. Its an overall energy. You look great, but you also feel great. Its an energy of being positive and authentic. You are the best version of yourself!

If you’re like me, you may already juice on occasion… but, maybe you aren’t quite sure about all of the hype? Could it be just another diet trend thats better left for the Instagram pictures? Not a chance! Greens are trending for a reason! The world of nutrition is going back to the basics and I have to say that after sitting down with Mimi and checking out the product and the process first hand that I can’t wait to try this for my self.

Want to know more about ‘Juice Mi’?

Click HERE!

Ready to try a cleanse for your self?

Why wait? Purchase NOW and get started!

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