Becoming a BODYBOSS Babe – BodyBoss 12 week fitness guide





Over the past couple of years its safe to say that the fitness lifestyle has really exploded over all social media platforms. Its such an awesome way for people to connect and inspire one another. One big branch I’ve seen off of social media fitness is the grab and go workout plan, aka the e-book.

I’ve been watching the growth of different online/e-book plans and I started to wonder about all of the hype.

Its always been really important to me that I can workout on the road and I started wondering which one of these online plans was the best on the market. After some hunting on my favorite fitspo accounts I discovered the BodyBoss Method! It caught my attention because of its endorsement by some of my favorite Aussie babes (aka Dani Bonnor & Tash Oakley)! I also loved that I didn’t need a bunch of extra props/weights to complete the exercises!

I have to say that after receiving my book I was super impressed!

The book itself is so easy to follow and the added tips and info were super helpful! I personally like the BodyBoss Method because its a break from my normal gym/workout routine. It doesn’t take a long time to feel the burn, at all! I thought the 24 minutes sounded quick, but it’s a completely effective amount of time! The workouts always leave me feeling like my full body was utilized… and it never gets boring, because the week plans are completely different! These workouts were great for me, as someone who maintains a regular gym regemine, but I could definitely see this being an awesome plan for someone who isn’t an avid gym goer! The book explains how to modify and how to take the workout schedule at your own pace, if need be! It really is a plan for everyone!

Check out the video below to see how I conquered one of the Monday workout plans from the guide!

Over all I would definitely recommend this plan to anyone looking for a workout on the go! The plyometrics and resistance training styles that BodyBoss incorporates into the plan are proven fitness methods. People at all levels will see results from these workouts if they’re done consistently!

BONUS: It affordable! It’s a ONE TIME purchase and its a product you get to keep for life!

Interested to know more?

Want to get your hands on the BodyBoss Method?

Click HERE!

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