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Have you heard? There’s a new hot spot for healthy food in town!

Its nestled conveniently between Bristol and Jamboree in Newport Beach right off of the 73 Freeway, the major route so many of us in OC take to and from work! How awesome is that?! I’ve always been surprised by the lack of creative culinary joints in the area. It’s frustrating because it seems like we’re surrounded by chain restaurants in Orange County, yet LA has so many diverse options! Josh, the owner of Vibe saw the need in our community for a health conscious restaurant, with options that go beyond juice and nut bars! Let me just say, I’m SO happy he did! Vibe has a large menu with flavor diversity and high nutrition value. Its exactly what the area needed!

I felt very fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down and chat with Josh about where he got his start, how healthy eating has shaped his life and how much he enjoys helping others eat their way to a happier life!

Check out the video below to see a few favorite items on the menu:

When I sat down to enjoy all of this amazing food, Josh and I got to talking. Here is what he had to say:

How did you get into health food and where did your passion for vegetables come from?

I started getting into health food in college. I was really into the Paleo diet and so I taught my self to cook with paleo principles, gluten free and all of that. After college is when I realized I REALLY love food so much, that I had to be doing something professionally with it! I went to culinary school in Miami which was great. Cooked in some restaurants out there for a bit. When I moved back to California I got more specifically into health food. Rather than just the trendy stuff! I wanted to cook the way I like to eat at home. Ive always been into vegetables. Ive always thought there is a lot you can do with them. It was strange to me that so many people we’re only eating vegetables in such generic form. Steamed brussel sprouts, Grilled asparagus… its boring! You can cook them in so many ways.

You can achieve a really cool texture and flavor with vegetables when you get creative and they can be the main event. I wanted to share that perspective with people!

How did Vibe get started? What inspired you to create this restaurant?

I had a meal delivery business for a while doing raw ultra Vegan food. Raw eating stems from the premise that you’re eating everything with its maximum nutritional content. Any time food is heated it loses some of its nutritional benefits. Under a certain temperature all of the food is living. Its pretty intense, but when I was eating that way I felt amazing! You have so many benefits, but there are some negatives. Its anti-social, all of your meals have to be planned out in order to feel full. I knew right away that it wasn’t a sustainable lifestyle.

I wanted to take that same nutrition focused diet, but make it a little bit more accessible!

Thats the idea behind Vibe. We still focus food around veggies and make sure they are the star while incorporating some cool modern cooking techniques, from my background as a chef! We’re making veggies fun!

Tell me about what it means to eat Organic? I think a lot of people believe the term is just a label. How important would you say it is to be eating organic foods?

I think a lot more people are familiar with the term now than they were five or ten years ago, which is good! There are a few different things to keep in mind when you’re deciding whether or not to invest in organic. If you’re eating a small bowl of spinach and you go with non-organic, the amount of pesticides won’t be as harmful as it would be if you were say, using a large quantity of spinach and juicing it down into a cup. When you’re juicing especially, you’re trying to do something good for your body. You’re attempting to give it condensed quality nutrients, but it’s a higher concentration of chemicals if its not organic. Another big thing about organic is that its harder to grow. Bugs like real food, they like veggies! Organic crops are a lot more susceptible to bugs, so your yields are typically lower.  It’s a shame that our food supply kind of got looked over. We just looked at how we could make food grow faster, stronger and bigger. We have stopped thinking about where our food comes from. We think it just comes from the super market, but in order for it to get there it requires a process.

I think people are finally starting to realize that the natural process is the best!

In your opinion what does A Savage Body mean to you?

A Savage body means giving your body all of the right things it needs to live a healthy, happy, long and strong life. That to me, primarily starts with nutrition and is heavily supplemented with fitness. I believe 80% of our looking and feeling good comes from our nutrition and the other 20% is fine tuned and dialed in with exercise. If you’re using those things together you will hopefully be able to live a long life, age well and be fit to play with our grandkids!


I have to say, Vibe really has impressed me! Not only is the atmosphere great and the food delicious, but its backed by true passion. Its safe to say I’m going to be a regular here and once you try it out, you will be too!

Are you ready to Vibe? Click for the Menu

Can’t wait to get your grub on? Drive on over!

1000 Bristol St. N.

Newport Beach, CA 92660

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