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About a month ago I attended a networking event at Elev8 Performance in Huntington Beach, to celebrate their second birthday! I was excited, but also slightly nervous to extend myself out into the fitness community for the first time outside out my normal gym! It was at that event that I first came across Kat Secor. A woman with a physique that talks before she does. Kat of course stood out from crowd! Her hard work was evident and I knew I had to get an interview!

About a month later, we we’re able to catch up at The Sweat Shop gym in Lakewood!

Kat greeted me with the most genuine smile and the kind of welcoming attitude that instantly makes you feel at home in a place!

Kat was prepared with something to kick my butt and I knew it! Typically in training interviews we showcase three different exercises that highlight the personal knowledge and strengths of a trainer, but Kat had idea to switch things up a bit! She wanted to coach me through three different deadlift variations! I loved the idea and I loved that she was thinking outside of the box! Using different types of weights to execute and exercise can be daunting and technically challenging. Thats why its easy to fall into a comfort zone with your favorite exercises and stick to what you know. Working with someone like Kat allows you to push your self out of your comfort zone to try new things! She’s highly focused on technique and she knows what it takes to achieve change in the body!

Check out the video below where Kat crushes my hammys and glutes in the best way using 3 deadlift variations:

Working with Kat I learned that their is a lot more behind this bad ass chicks aesthetic than meets the eye! Kats own appearance is just one reflection of her hard work ethic and determination! She is an elite athlete, but she is also an incredibly driven entrepreneur with a huge heart. Her online training and nutrition coaching business is her passion! *Kat trains the large majority of her clients via video conference and uses a 360 approach aimed to create a fit mind, body and soul.*

She has also partnered up with her mom (aka Dr.Mimi) to form a power-house team. Their mission is to change peoples lives, INSIDE AND OUT, using their year long program called The Secor Innitiative! Find out more about their awesome program HERE!

*Don’t forget to subscribe this week to receive a Free Gift from Coach Kat and Dr. Mimi*


How long has fitness been your passion?

Its always been a passion of mine.

I played paintball nationally on an all female paintball team in an unsegregated league.

There aren’t enough women players out there to have an all female league. So you’re playing against men! Men are just naturally stronger with better endurance. It used to infuriate me that I was getting tired faster than they were. I couldn’t hold my gun up without my arms getting sore and my legs would get fatigued. I started going to the gym to sort of even out the playing field and make my self more competitive athletically. So, thats how I really got into fitness. When I started I was pretty scattered. I didn’t know what a training split was, I didn’t have any strategy with it. I was winging it! In 2011 I started working with a trainer who taught me how to split up body parts and focus individually on different aspects of the body, to achieve results.

What inspired you to compete and go for pro?

I slowly I pulled myself away from working with a trainer and started working out on my own. I started meeting competitors and it would just boggle my mind how ripped they were. The diets, the timing, hearing how it felt on stage. I decided I wanted to try it! I was already going to the gym six days a week! I thought, whats the next challenge? Whats the next new and exciting thing I can do to challenge my self? I my first bikini competition in 2012. I placed second to last, but I was hooked! The next day, I went and played a paintball tournament, where we got first place!  I still felt I won in the big picture!

I had some really bad placing when I started out, but it didn’t matter. It was still the most exciting thing I had ever done!

What is the greatest benefit fitness has given to your life?

You meet different people and you meet different coaches. Everyone teaches you new things. I found this passion for lifting. I found myself in fitness, in the gym, in the weights, in the adversity that you go through with each workout! Overcoming that adversity is such metaphor that you can overcome anything if you set your mind to it! I mean… Whats harder than squatting almost 400lbs? If you can get out from under that weight, you can achieve anything.

The gym and fitness proves that your more capable than you had ever imagined!

With hard work, discipline, commitment and follow through, you can do anything.

Thats the underlying message.

What is one lifting myth you’d like to debunk?

The biggest lifting myth for women. The idea that if you touch a heavy weight you’re going to get all bulky and huge. That is just SO WRONG!

It takes so much hard work and specific intentional eating to build muscle.

Even if you lifted for a month and ate perfectly, you would be lucky to gain one pound! Thats if you’re lucky! So lift heavy, lift hard and eat right! Lifting is going to help you burn fat and have a better shape to your body!

Who is your fitness idol?

My idols are my peers. I think a lot of people idolize the pros. Pros that they don’t really know, but they’ve seen achieve greatness. When in reality, it’s the people pushing you on a daily basis to achieve your own personal greatness. Those are the people to idolize.

What does a savage body mean to you?

Having a savage body is more than what our mind jumps to instantly when we hear the word “savage”… that our body has to be all ripped up! I don’t think thats correct. I think having a savage body is a mind set of confidence; loving and owning what your body they way it looks like right now. Including all of your perceived flaws. A savage body is owning all of who you are.

Kat really impressed me with her knowledge and strength during our interview, but what impressed me more was her character. She truly believes in her mission. She cares tremendously about helping others and creating a positive impact. I left feeling like I had not only learned a lot, but I also gained a friend in the community! 



Visit her site:

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