Feeling The Burn With Britt






The past couple of weeks I’ve taken some time to explore my new neighborhood in Upper Newport Beach. I try to take inventory of new gyms when ever I cruise around the OC and I definitely like to scope out the spots close to me! I noticed the Burn Bootcamp building the first day I moved to the area. I knew I wanted to stop in as soon as I had a little free time to introduce myself! Ironically, just a couple of weeks after my move, a friend of mine posted something on Facebook about her trainer being selected as an ambassador for Athleta! That trainer just so happened to be BRITT! The lead trainer at BURN BOOTCAMP! It was a sign! I could tell by Britts social media that she was fun loving and extremely passionate about fitness! I reached out and we were able to set up a time to meet a couple of weeks later!

Walking into Burn on the day of the interview, I had no idea what specific strengths Britt would be highlighting or what kind of unique features the Burn Gym would have to offer!

I walked in to witness a large group of women with post-workout, endorphin induced smiles and positive energy flowing!

The crowd ranged in ages and there were even a few tots spread about, that had just come out of the FREE CHILD CARE. Yes, you read that correctly, they offer free child care (how great is that)! Britt made her way through the buzzing group to introduce her self and beamed with genuine enthusiasm after coaching her morning boot campers! I knew it was going to be a great day then and there!

Watch the video to see how Britt made me feel the Burn:

Curious about where Britt got her start? Keep reading to find out:

How long has fitness been your passion?

My whole life. My first memories are in a jogger stroller, when my parents would run together. I think its been passed on from my parents. My mom has always been really health conscious. We were always super healthy at our house when I was a kid. My mom gave me that kind of foundation.

Were you an athlete?

I was. I’ve always been really competitive in sports. I competed in soccer, running, and tennis… tennis stuck! I played competitive tennis through High School. Then I went to college and did more of the social thing. I was in a sorority and that was amazing, but I had kind of lost that competitive passion and fire for a while.

So, I started getting into triathlons my Junior year.

I did a lot of running in my early twenties and then I got into strength training!

Who has been your biggest inspiration in fitness?

My mom. She still works out every single day. She’s sixty-five and she still swims a mile three times a week! She used to run a lot too, but she can’t anymore because she’s had hip surgery.

How important is diet in your personal fitness?

I think diet is 70% of what you’re doing. You can workout everyday and put in maximal effort, but diet is important for two main reasons.

A. Diet determines the kind of results you get (if you want to build lean muscle, lose weight, etc.).

B. What you eat is your fuel. Its important to eat before you workout to have the proper energy and it’s important to get protein after you workout to feed your muscles!

You were recently selected as an ambassador for Athleta, tell us a little bit about how that happened!

We opened this gym at the end of 2016, so we’ve only been open about 6 months. A part of my role as head trainer is to find joint ventures in the community! It’s part of how we build our community! I have a client at the gym who works for Athleta and we were talking about being a partner of the month. I went in to the store and asked what we could do to partner. I met with their community manager and we just got along really well! We set up a partnership that started in March. Every Sunday we were over there at the Fashion Island location representing Burn, doing free pop up camps! It was open to everyone! Athleta also came into our gym for a showcase. Building that relationship with the store propelled me to apply to become an ambassador!

What does having a savage body mean to you?

I think a savage body is, setting a goal for yourself, for your fitness and training to achieve that goal. Whether that goal is to run a mile, or a marathon. I think everyone has different body types, but its all about how you feel in your unique body.

I think you should do the workouts that make your body feel good.


It was a great experience getting to work with Britt at her home gym! If you’re looking to feel empowered, if you have a fitness goal you would like to achieve, if you’re a mom and you want to get out of the house and back in to fitness… Britt and Burn are a savage body’s pick for you!

Ready to burn up some calories with Britt?

Costa Mesa/Newport Beach, CA

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