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This weeks feature highlights local yogi, holistic business owner, author and kind soul, Carly Reeder. I met Miss Carly through a good friend of mine. I was excited to check out her training style and her studio, because of its prime location in central Huntington Beach. I knew Carly was an awesome yoga instructor prior to our interview, but I had NO IDEA how much her cute studio in HB has to offer!

Carly has a tremendous passion for helping others live their best life, internally and externally!

Her studio, My Om Yoga Home not only provides yoga classes, but also infrared heaters, massage therapy, thermal imagining, blood cell analysis and nutritional programs! It really is a one stop shop for mind, body and soul!

Check out the video where Carly takes me through 3 of her favorite Yoga postures and then turns them into flow:

Keep reading to find out how Carly got into the business of healing…

How long have you been practicing yoga?

I have been practicing yoga for a long time. I danced my whole life and my teacher started introducing yoga into the warm up in dance class. So, I would say, probably when I was in junior high school! I got certified when I was 21! Now I’m 34 and I’m not only certified in yoga, I’m also certified in pilates, gyrotonic and I have my massage therapy license!

How long have you had My Om Yoga Home?

A little over two years now! We opened November 2014!

Tell me a little bit about the wellness program you offer here at your studio! What is included in your wellness program?

I’ll give you a little background on myself to answer that… I went through my own healing crisis in college, when I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Their only recommendation was medication; anti-depressants and anti-anxiety. I didn’t want to take it. I tried it for literally about a week. I felt drugged and I realized it was NOT FOR ME! Making the decision not to use that as my treatment catapulted me into a long journey of health and healing myself naturally. I would say that it took about a decade for me to really learn and I’m still learning.

What did you discover that helped you heal?

Yoga and managing my diet! Taking sugar out, white flour and processed foods was huge! I added digestive enzymes and probiotics to my regime! I always wanted to have a home base where I could teach everyone what I’ve learned! We teach yoga here and we have super talented teachers, but thats not all it takes to be healthy! I always tell people, you don’t want to go to yoga class and then go eat a cheese burger or have a beer! If you want to achieve the full health benefits of an awesome yoga class and balance your alkaline levels and PH you follow up with a coconut water or something nourishing for your body!

Ask your self, what can I do to put the least amount of stress on my body?

There are some things we have control over and some things we don’t. Life’s circumstances, we don’t have control over, we don’t really have much control over air pollution, but we do have control over what we put in our body! We do have control over the habits that we have, like when we go to bed or if we exercise or not. I live my life trying to add the least amount of stress on my body.

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle? What inspires you to keep it up?

Focusing on self care. If you don’t have the self care you will go into self sabotage. It happened to me for a long time. I 180 changed my life, diet, exercise, everything, but I always went back to my old habits and it was so frustrating! Time after time! I didn’t understand why it was happening. I attended a lot of workshops through out those years and self love and self care came up a lot. I always thought self love was selfish and egotistical, but I finally came to the realization, it’s about taking care of yourself! Once I fully embraced that concept it changed everything.

All of the destructive behavior and thoughts started to peel away. If I could teach people one thing, self love would be it!

What does having A Savage Body mean to you?

I think having A Savage Body is being strong in your body and your mind. Its not necessarily what your body looks like on the outside. I used to feel like some of the fat on my body was negative when I was working out… like it needed to get off! Now that I’ve learned self love, every cell in my body is positive and happy. When every cell in your body is healthy and you’re not hanging on to any kind of negative baggage, that is when you’ve achieved A Savage Body!


I’m always pleasantly surprised when I meet new people and find a commonality between their life and my own.

The most incredible part of A Savage Body is just that; the connectivity in the human to human experience.

I have had my own personal struggle with anxiety. Health and fitness have been greatly therapeutic for me, but it’s a process! Meeting someone like Carly, who openly shares her journey and how she has dealt with her anxiety is empowering. It serves as a wonderful reminder that none of us are in this alone. Everyone has battles to face… but, we don’t have to deal with them without support. Life is a lot more beautiful when we face challenges together!

Curious to know more about Carly’s story and how you can be ‘Stress Free For Life’? CLICK TO CHECK OUT HER BOOK

Looking to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul? Call or stop by My Om TODAY!


19051 Goldenwest #103, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

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