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A picture is worth a thousand words am I right? The above image is a true reflection of the passion and intensity that fuels LEAJAY. I met up with Lea for the first time at her home gym, Metroflex, an iconic, high intensity gym, located in the industrial part of Long Beach, Ca. It didn’t take long to find out first hand why she is highly respected in the fitness community.

Lea is not only a trainer and nutritionist, but she is also the creative behind her namesake brand (LEAJAY)!

Let me tell you, this girl is dedicated to her craft and pours her self into her work! It was amazing to have the opportunity to meet her and get a workout in. She is so down to earth and motivated to LEA-vel up, her energy is contagious!

Watch the video below to see Lea walk me through three back exercises and destroy my upper body (I mean that in the best way  possible)!:

Read up to find out how Miss LeaJay got where she is today…

How long has fitness been a part of your life?

I grew up playing sports. I played travel basketball all through High School. It was my life! So I could you could say fitness has always been a part of me and I’ve always been fascinated by nutrition as well. Even in High School, playing competitively I knew it was important. The other girls were bigger than me, so I knew I had to compensate with my nutrition. I would even go to Trader Joes at lunch and get a Myoplex drink for a snack because I knew I had to preform better than the taller girls. As I got a little bit older and stopped playing basketball I started getting really interested in the gym.

What was the first step you took towards your career in fitness?

I got a job at Bally’s doing sales actually, while I was going to school out of state! The manager there encouraged me to become a trainer! I pursued training from that moment!

What type of health and fitness certifications do you have? I know you emphasize the importance of continued education a lot on your social platforms!

I am a level 1 certified nutrition coach. I also have my certification in Power Lifting! You want to be optimal in both areas of fitness. Nutrition and performance is just my own signature for how I set a program for my clients. I use the primary elements of power lifting along with my athletic background to really give my clients the most well rounded training possible.

Why did you choose to go with Power Lifting?

I chose specifically to get my cert. in Power Lifting because the way I see it, your bench, your deadlift and your squat are the foundation for every movement you do in the gym. Knowing how to execute those movements is essential in any form of training you’re doing!

Do you train online as well as in the gym?

I do! I have a lot of online clients and its growing! It’s really cool to see that transition and progression, but I definitely think my work in the gym has given me that baseline of experience to be able to train online. You have to be able to communicate online training in a very efficient, clear and concise way.

What is one expert nutrition tip you think everyone should know?

I would say, be consistent. Consistency is at the basis of everything. Even during my certification they told me, most of your clients are going to be at a level one. The first thing you have to understand is that you have to be consistent.

You have to get good sleep, have a healthy food intake on a daily basis and you’ve got to show up for your work outs.

Those are the three things I believe are SO NECESSARY on any program! It’s not really revolutionary advice. Just be consistent and get it done. That alone is going to create more progress. Its all about the process.

What is one fitness myth you’d like to debunk?

I would debunk the idea that you can only build a strong body and muscle from lifting super heavy weights! There are so many different aspects that are required to build a strong body. The accessory work that you put in with smaller weights will help you with those big lifts! It’s a lot of small things that contribute to the larger picture.

What is the greatest benefit you’ve gained personally from having a fit lifestyle?

The greatest benefit has been creating happiness within myself. This ended up being a completely different journey than I had ever expected. I never imagined I would have this whole community as a resource to me. I never thought I would have these amazing relationships that I’ve built throughout the years. The knowledge Ive gained from working with other coaches and people in the gym has really opened up doors for me in my life.

What does having a savage body mean to you?

A savage body means doing the hard thing every day. Showing up every day, building a habit. There is no secret or one exercise in particular. Like “Oh I just did this epic lift, I’m savage!”… No.

Having a savage body means having a hard ass day in different aspects of your life and still showing up for that one goal that you committed to for yourself. Saying I’m going to do this, regardless of the obstacles.

Lea builds a full program for her clients from the gym to the kitchen that allows them to maximize their results. The testimonials and transformations of her clients are incredible. If you’re looking to make a real change in your body, and would like to train in an involved gym with high energy, Lea is who you need to see!

That is why A Savage Body has partnered with LEA JAY for a SPECIAL OFFER!

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Its your time to LEA-vel up!

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