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This past week I stopped into Curl Fitness, a beautiful, open concept, boutique gym; located in the up and coming, Lido Marina Village in Newport Beach!

I was there with a special purpose, to meet lead trainer, Jeff Mendoza.

I was looking forward to the opportunity to work with Jeff and explore the environment at Curl! I knew that he would be a fantastic trainer after having a conversation with the owners of the gym, Amy and Jill! Both owners have put their heart and soul into the gym and they have brought on only the best and most highly qualified trainers.

Jeff started out our meeting by letting me know about his classic weight training background and how it has shaped his training style with his clients.

His demeanor was humble, patient, and kind while he explained the exercises we would be doing for the feature. The way he handled our meeting was a clear indication of the passionate and focused approach he takes when training clients. It was obvious that the knowledge he has gained through years of coaching experience has propelled him to the next level!

In the video you will see Jeff walk me through three exercises:

  • The Dumbbell Walking Lunge 
  • The Inch-Worm
  • The Barbell Bicep Curl

Check out the video to see for your self! Jeff Mendoza in action, at Curl Fitness

After the workout, I sat down with Jeff, ready to learn a little bit more about what drives him! Keep reading to find out what fuels his fitness fire…

Sam: How long has fitness been a part of your life?

Jeff: I’ve always been very active. PE was my favorite subject in school and I was always competitive. I started wrestling at a young age. I got my first gym membership when I was 16 to help me with my wrestling. Thats when I first noticed a personal trainer at work and it’s what I’ve wanted to do ever since.

S: Did you pursue any type of formal education to help you reach your goal of becoming a personal trainer?

J: I went to college for kinesiology, the study of human movement; with an emphasis in fitness. I knew I wanted to be a trainer or own a gym.

I’ve always wanted to help people be more active. Even when I was little in PE. I was that student that was helping others get engaged.

S: How long have you been training at Curl?

J: I’ve been here since it opened! About five years now. I’m an OG employee. There are only two original employees here.

S: What would you consider to be your personal specialty as a trainer?

J: I would say that my specialty is getting someone to live the fitness lifestyle.

Being a trainer is a lot more than just putting someone through workouts. It’s about changing someones life.

I would also say that strength training is one of my niches. Working with young guys and developing them using classic weight lifting.

S: Who has been your biggest inspiration in fitness?

J: The pioneers of fitness, along with a lot of the original “How To” YouTubers, because those are the people who work to reach the masses. They have changed so many peoples lives and that inspires me, because thats what I want to do. I want to create something in the fitness world that really changes peoples lives and actually works!

S: What is one fitness/lifting myth that you would like to debunk?

J: There is NO quick fix OR magic pill!

Whether it be cool sculpting, a 30 day challenge or even joining the best gym, nothing is going to automatically give you results. It’s the lifestyle change that will get you to reach your goals. After a “quick fix” you will always end up going back to old habits.

S: What does having A Savage Body mean to you?

J: Being strong, flexible, having good cardio, endurance and having low body fat. Those are the five components of fitness. When you have all of those five components up to par, you are fit, AKA you have “A Savage Body”. When you’re fit, everything out there in the world comes a little bit easier. You have the strength to protect yourself and confidence to do things on your own.

Jeff has such a dedicated approach to fitness and his clients. He is driven by the results achieved by each individual he works with. If you are ready and in need of a lifestyle change, you need an expert to assist you on your journey. Jeff is your man! 

Ready to train with Jeff at Curl?

Newport Beach, CA

Want to know more about Jeff? Looking to contact him directly?

Check out his website OC Fitness Lifestyle

Phone: (714) 425-4927



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