Trouble Shooting Arms & Abs – Workout


This one goes out to the ladies!

The top two problem areas I hear gripes about the most are flabby tummy and arms with no definition. This workout targets both areas! 

I’m back in my home gym in Tijuana! For those of you that don’t already know… I spend about half of my time down here in Mexico! My boyfriend Cyle plays baseball for the Toros of Tijuana! It’s been the greatest blessing to get to come down and support his dream. I feel doubly blessed because I’m still able to pursue my passions while I’m here! We have this awesome gym and tons of workout space! I even found this giant classroom to film videos in! I mean I’m not 100% sure this is what they intended the space for… but HEY! No one else was using it. haha.

Anyways, back to the workout! Most of the moves from todays workout require a small weight. I used plates because I find them to be the most functional for this workout!

*Key: Make sure to prep with a stretch before any and all exercise!*



I began this workout with a Plate Cross Lunge!

Grab your weights! This is a standard lunge with a twist! Literally! You’re going to be starting out with your arms straight and plates parallel to your face. As you drop down into your lunge bring the plates to the outside of your knee. Repeat by bringing the weights back up to your face level and then twisting the opposite direction, bringing weights to the inside of your knee! Switch legs and do the same on the other side!

Repeat for 3 sets at 20 reps on each leg!


Now were isolating the upper body, with a bicep curl.

Start with the weights by your sides and then bend your arms in to a curl. Bring the weight up quickly and lower back down to your sides more slowly. This increases the shock impact on your muscles and creates constant tension building strength. I like to preform this exercise with a slight bend in my knees for added stability.

Repeat for 3 sets at 20 reps!

ski arms-2

The third exercise is something I like to call Ski Arms!

This is the reverse movement of the previous exercise. Start with the weight at your sides, arms pulled back and bent and then extend completely straight behind your back! Like a skier! Hence the name! Imagine that your arms are a lever and the lever stops at your butt. Do not allow your arms to completely bend back down. Maintain tension by keeping them slightly extended at all times. This is great for the back of the arms in that common trouble spot!

Repeat for 3 sets at 20 reps!

Side Plank Crunch-2.jpg

Side crunch time!

This might look a little bit on the difficult side… but give it a try before you modify. You might surprise yourself! Begin this exercise with on arm on the ground, one arm behind your head and feet stacked in a side plank position. Bring your elbow to your knee and return back to stacked side plank in between. If you would like to modify this movement you can lay on a mat and do this on the ground.

Repeat for 3 sets at 20 reps on each side!


Last one, this Clap-Up Sit-Up is going to light your abs on fire!

Begin with legs straight and shoulders hovering the ground! Bring one knee up as you crunch your chest in and clap underneath your bent leg! Alternate legs, returning back to a straight hovering position in between each clap! You’re really going to become obsessed with this one!

Repeat for 3 sets at 30 reps!

Hope you guys love this weeks workout! If you have questions, special requests or just want to chat fitness… Don’t be shy! Shoot over a comment on this post or send me an email!

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