Rosy Dos Santos The American Dream






With it being Americas birthday week, I couldn’t imagine a better feature for A Savage Body than Rosy!

This woman is the American Dream.

Rosy and I met because we’re both what you would call “WAGS” (aka, wives and girlfriends of pro athletes). Her husband Alex plays ball with my Boyfriend Cyle on the Tijuana Toros Baseball team for the Mexican professional league! As a WAG it’s amazing to spend time supporting the men we love, but to be able to connect with women who share similar interests is such incredible added blessing! I was so excited when I found out Rosy was a personal trainer… but, I had no idea how truly inspired I would be by her story.

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Looking at this beaming face, watching how she carries herself, you would never know all that she has fought to overcome. Rosy was born into humble beginnings in a small town in Brazil. She began working with her mother as a child. Her reality as a young girl looked much different than most of us who we’re raised here in the United States! I think this is also where her amazing work ethic must have come from! Unfortunate circumstances separated Rosy from her Mother for most of her teen life, BUT…that didn’t stop her! It motivated her! Rosy fought to be reunited with her mother and made the journey to America, alone. She has never stopped stopped fighting! She has achieved American residency and is working on becoming a permanent US citizen, all while being a full time mother and trainer! This is just a small peak of Rosy’s journey. Her full story is something I encourage you to ask her about!

I think being born into America is an incredible blessing. Unfortunately, it is a blessing that is all too often taken for granted. Meeting someone like Rosy, who has worked so hard to live in this great country opened up my eyes. America truly is the land of flowing opportunity. Rosy reminded me of that.

Rosy has dedicated the last few years to developing an advanced fitness education! Her knowledge combined with passion and vibrant spirit makes her the ultimate trainer!

Check out the video below to see Rosy put me through three of her go to squat workouts!

After our workout Rosy and I sat down to chat! Want to know more? Keep reading for our full Q&A!

Where are you from in Brazil?

I’m from Paraná, its a state located close to São Paulo. It’s in the south.

How long have you been in the USA and how do you like it here?

I’ve been here for 11 years. I love it here. I don’t see myself living anywhere else. The United States is my home now.

What inspired you to become a trainer?

I wanted to teach and help people who had the same questions about working out that I did. I want to help people who want to workout, but aren’t sure where to start when they go into the gym.

What advice would you give to moms who are trying to get workouts in while taking care of their little one? How do you make it work?

Make it fun! Have your little one help you! They are always watching and when they see that you have an active life, they will follow. You have to entertain them, but you can do that while doing something for yourself. When moms are happy, kids are happier too!

How important is diet in maintaining your body? What type of foods do you like to eat?

I think to eat healthy is very simple. People think it has to be hard. You need protein, a veggie and carbs. It doesn’t have to be boring. You can get creative with food. It doesn’t need to be restrictive either. I throw a bunch of things together when I make food! Eating healthy means eating simple. Natural foods. You can cheat every once in a while, because we all need that!

What is one go-to meal that you like to make?

I make turkey meat balls with a vegetable! It’s so easy to make and it tastes great too!


What does having A Savage Body mean to you?

It’s being happy with you you are. Being happy with what you have. You only have one body, so take care of it.

If you loved this interview feature on Rosy and want to know more about her and the training/nutrition programs she offers, contact her!


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