25 Min full body burn – Workout


Are you running on limited time? Or maybe you have a half hour to spare and you aren’t sure how to spend it!  This workout is a quick and effective full body fat burner!

It’s always great to workout on days when there is tons of free time and zero stress… but, lets be honest, that isn’t always the case! I personally could spend 2hrs+ happily in the gym and I refer to the days I’m able to do that as my ‘luxury’ days. More often than not I find myself needing to shorten my workout in order to accomplish everything else I have going on in life! Limited time has motivated me to increase the effect of every workout I do!

My secret to shortening my workouts and boosting results?… I’ve become best friends with combo exercises!

Here is this weeks 25min fat burning/tone-up!

T.SKATERLUNGE.jpgskater lungeEven when you’re running short on time it is super important to fit in a little warm up exercise! Skater lunges are great because they get the whole body moving and they get your heart rate up for fat burning! It’s important to use your alternate arm to lunging leg! Hop from right to left!

Repeat 30 X 3


Now that your body is loosened up you can add in some weights! I like to hold a single dumbbell while doing side lunges, as opposed to using two. It helps with stability! Lunge to the right, return to center and lunge to left! Make sure you’re knee does not pass over your toes while side lunging!

Repeat 30 x 3

t.reverseElevatedReverseLungetoHighKneeThis one looks tricky, but you’re going to love it! In order to do a reverse lunge to high knee you only need a small elevated supporting surface! With one foot on the elevated surface, place the other foot behind and sit into a deep lunge. Stand back up onto your supporting leg and pull the same leg that lunged back up and into a bent high knee! This exercise is intended to be a little bit more fast paced!

Repeat 30 X 3 (15 on each leg)


The sumo squat box jump is pretty cut and dry! Find a box or surface that you can jump on to, that isn’t too wide to squat over. The key points: make sure your knees don’t pass over your toes, keep shoulders upright and DIP IT LOWWWW!

Repeat 20 X 3


Pulsing squats seem easy enough, right? Well… throw in a front dumbbell hold and its a whole new ball game! Follow all of the previous tips about squats and keep a 90 degree front hold on your dumbbell the entire time! Cry now, thank me later! 😉

Repeat 30 X 3


Last, but not least… curtsey lunge hammer curls! Wrap up this workout with a bang! start in a neutral posture holding your dumbbells by your sides. Step back to the right in an exaggerated lunge, crossing your lunging foot back and to the side. While you step into the lunge you’re bringing your dumbbells up into a hammer curl. This is one fluid motion! Return to neutral and repeat on your left side!

Repeat 30 X 3 (15 each side)

and Voila! You just slayed using only 25mins of your day!

I’m looking forward to sharing more quick combo workouts with you guys, because anyone can make time for a 25min sweat session during their daily routine! You can also check out my instagram @asavagebody to see the full video of this workout!

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