A Savage Body Transformation

NOT YOUR AVERAGE FEATURE… A Savage Body Transformation.

What has been my greatest blessings along this fitness journey? I would have to say that the greatest one, without question, has been assisting and facilitating the mental and physical transformation of my clients (whom I’m lucky to also call my friends).

A Savage Body isn’t an overnight/easy-bake-oven concept. It’s a PROCESS and IT AINT’T EASY! It requires time and commitment to make a lifestyle change! Especially if you want the kind of results that last! That’s why my heart is SO happy to highlight these two women! They have shown incredible dedication to A Savage Body Bootcamp and it’s amazing to watch their efforts pay off!

Kim and Becca came to me at totally different stages of healthy and fitness, but there is a common theme. Both have faced chronic health challenges that had impacted the fitness of their bodies and minds. They chose to rise up and meet their challenges. They have taken hold of the drivers seat in life and I’m so incredibly proud to be a part of their journeys! 

A picture is worth a thousand words and these transformation pics say a lot by themselves… But, I wanted you to get a deeper look at the girls in the picture. So, I asked Kim and Becca to tell you a little bit about themselves. I also asked them a few questions to showcase how far they’ve come on their personal journeys! Check it out!

Meet Kim


Total Weight Lost: 5lbs   Total Inches Lost: 6in     

KIM: Growing up, I was always tall, slim & super athletic; I played Soccer until College, ran track in High School and went to the gym several times a week. I literally had a 6 pack at one point…oh, to be young! As I grew older and responsibilities got “in the way” I found myself going to the gym less. To make my journey more complicated… I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at age 23 which has taken my health on a roller coaster ride of different diets, medications and side effects to cope with.  So, despite my athletic background, it was not as much fun for me anymore…until I met Sam!

SAM: What was your fitness and health status like prior to beginning A Savage Body Bootcamp?

KIM: The years prior to A Savage Body Training I was all over the place with my routine. When I had UC flare ups I wasn’t working out at all due to fatigue and nausea. When I was in remission stages, I would really only work out when I had a set goal/date to work towards such as a wedding, bachelorette party or trip to Vegas and once the trip had passed then I would kind of get lazy again.

I was the epitome of a Yo-Yo with my fitness. I think my problem was that I was letting my appearance as being “slim” make me feel like I didn’t need to try as hard since I wasn’t on an intense weight loss journey. Boy, I was so wrong!

SAM: What finally motivated you to begin A Savage Body journey?

KIM: After getting engaged in November 2016, I was at my heaviest weight & all around flabby. I knew I needed to get motivated for our wedding which was set for October 2017, yet, I had no idea where to start! Thankfully, I came across A Savage Body via Instagram and the rest is history!

SAM: How does the progress you’ve made make you feel?

KIM: I feel so amazing! Although from the outside I may always look “slim” now I am so much stronger on the inside & outside! I actually look forward to bootcamp and love seeing the results when I get into a bikini and look toned in new areas. I feel proud of sticking with a program for over 6 months and finally understand the classic saying, ” consistency is key!”

SAM: What does having A Savage Body mean to you?

KIM: To me, a savage body is feeling mentally and physically in shape & making these healthy practices a lifestyle. I may have an invisible illness that I struggle with each day, but I continue to build my strength by weight training and an 80/20 diet. So, now I can tell my 17 year old self that you don’t need to have a 6 pack to be savage- it’s so much more than that!

Meet Becca


Total Weight Lost: 14lbs   Total Inches Lost: 5in  

SAM: What was your fitness and health status like prior to beginning A Savage Body Bootcamp?

BECCA: Back in the day, I played 15 years of basketball and was in great shape. However, once I stopped (because of knee injuries) I began to loose my muscle and the weight issues began.  This was around the time of my Senior year in high school , so of course there is the pressure to act and look a certain way and I had gained some weight. Unfortunately, I took an unhealthy path to lose the weight- Anorexia.  Luckily, I got the help I needed and snapped out of it. Although, I still battle with it every single day emotionally and physically, I realized it is not the right or healthy way to get into shape.

SAM: What finally motivated you to begin A Savage Body journey?

BECCA: As years went by, I kept gaining weight and had other health problems. Finally, about 8 months ago, my Doctor diagnosed me with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), which causes weight gain, low metabolism, and other issues. Most of all, it is very difficult to get pregnant when you have PCOS.

That right there was a light bulb for me, because children are my life and my husband and I want children in our future.

BECCA: My Doctor told me I immediately need to have a healthy body because it will help me get pregnant with having PCOS and hopefully preventative measures from Diabetes, which is also a concern with PCOS in the picture. That was my motivation to have a savage body, so my Husband and I can have children and so that I can be healthy for my children in the future.

SAM: How does the progress you’ve made make you feel?

BECCA: Since I have been training with A Savage Body my physical and emotional appearance has changed.

Physically, I am down 14 pounds and have loss about 5 inches around my whole body. I am also down two sizes.

Also, during the time I’ve been training with Sam I have hardly gotten sick. My body is healthier and that’s a big deal with my track record and being a Preschool Teacher as well. Emotionally, I still battle with my appearance, but I can feel my confidence gaining every time I feel and see progress from A Savage Body. Sam is not only an amazing trainer who will yell at you to motivate you, but she will also be the trainer to support you if your down. She has the perfect balance pushing you out of your comfort zone and knowing when you need some encouraging words.

SAM: What does having A Savage Body mean to you?

BECCA: It means being healthy for my family (present and future) and being healthy for myself- being the best version of me that I can be! What’s stopping you from having a Savage Body?

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