A Savage Body Transformation

NOT YOUR AVERAGE FEATURE… A Savage Body Transformation.

What has been my greatest blessings along this fitness journey? I would have to say that the greatest one, without question, has been assisting and facilitating the mental and physical transformation of my clients (whom I’m lucky to also call my friends).

A Savage Body isn’t an overnight/easy-bake-oven concept. It’s a PROCESS and IT AINT’T EASY! It requires time and commitment to make a lifestyle change! Especially if you want the kind of results that last! That’s why my heart is SO happy to highlight these two women! They have shown incredible dedication to A Savage Body Bootcamp and it’s amazing to watch their efforts pay off!

Kim and Becca came to me at totally different stages of healthy and fitness, but there is a common theme. Both have faced chronic health challenges that had impacted the fitness of their bodies and minds. They chose to rise up and meet their challenges. They have taken hold of the drivers seat in life and I’m so incredibly proud to be a part of their journeys! 

A picture is worth a thousand words and these transformation pics say a lot by themselves… But, I wanted you to get a deeper look at the girls in the picture. So, I asked Kim and Becca to tell you a little bit about themselves. I also asked them a few questions to showcase how far they’ve come on their personal journeys! Check it out!

Meet Kim


Total Weight Lost: 5lbs   Total Inches Lost: 6in     

KIM: Growing up, I was always tall, slim & super athletic; I played Soccer until College, ran track in High School and went to the gym several times a week. I literally had a 6 pack at one point…oh, to be young! As I grew older and responsibilities got “in the way” I found myself going to the gym less. To make my journey more complicated… I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at age 23 which has taken my health on a roller coaster ride of different diets, medications and side effects to cope with.  So, despite my athletic background, it was not as much fun for me anymore…until I met Sam!

SAM: What was your fitness and health status like prior to beginning A Savage Body Bootcamp?

KIM: The years prior to A Savage Body Training I was all over the place with my routine. When I had UC flare ups I wasn’t working out at all due to fatigue and nausea. When I was in remission stages, I would really only work out when I had a set goal/date to work towards such as a wedding, bachelorette party or trip to Vegas and once the trip had passed then I would kind of get lazy again.

I was the epitome of a Yo-Yo with my fitness. I think my problem was that I was letting my appearance as being “slim” make me feel like I didn’t need to try as hard since I wasn’t on an intense weight loss journey. Boy, I was so wrong!

SAM: What finally motivated you to begin A Savage Body journey?

KIM: After getting engaged in November 2016, I was at my heaviest weight & all around flabby. I knew I needed to get motivated for our wedding which was set for October 2017, yet, I had no idea where to start! Thankfully, I came across A Savage Body via Instagram and the rest is history!

SAM: How does the progress you’ve made make you feel?

KIM: I feel so amazing! Although from the outside I may always look “slim” now I am so much stronger on the inside & outside! I actually look forward to bootcamp and love seeing the results when I get into a bikini and look toned in new areas. I feel proud of sticking with a program for over 6 months and finally understand the classic saying, ” consistency is key!”

SAM: What does having A Savage Body mean to you?

KIM: To me, a savage body is feeling mentally and physically in shape & making these healthy practices a lifestyle. I may have an invisible illness that I struggle with each day, but I continue to build my strength by weight training and an 80/20 diet. So, now I can tell my 17 year old self that you don’t need to have a 6 pack to be savage- it’s so much more than that!

Meet Becca


Total Weight Lost: 14lbs   Total Inches Lost: 5in  

SAM: What was your fitness and health status like prior to beginning A Savage Body Bootcamp?

BECCA: Back in the day, I played 15 years of basketball and was in great shape. However, once I stopped (because of knee injuries) I began to loose my muscle and the weight issues began.  This was around the time of my Senior year in high school , so of course there is the pressure to act and look a certain way and I had gained some weight. Unfortunately, I took an unhealthy path to lose the weight- Anorexia.  Luckily, I got the help I needed and snapped out of it. Although, I still battle with it every single day emotionally and physically, I realized it is not the right or healthy way to get into shape.

SAM: What finally motivated you to begin A Savage Body journey?

BECCA: As years went by, I kept gaining weight and had other health problems. Finally, about 8 months ago, my Doctor diagnosed me with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), which causes weight gain, low metabolism, and other issues. Most of all, it is very difficult to get pregnant when you have PCOS.

That right there was a light bulb for me, because children are my life and my husband and I want children in our future.

BECCA: My Doctor told me I immediately need to have a healthy body because it will help me get pregnant with having PCOS and hopefully preventative measures from Diabetes, which is also a concern with PCOS in the picture. That was my motivation to have a savage body, so my Husband and I can have children and so that I can be healthy for my children in the future.

SAM: How does the progress you’ve made make you feel?

BECCA: Since I have been training with A Savage Body my physical and emotional appearance has changed.

Physically, I am down 14 pounds and have loss about 5 inches around my whole body. I am also down two sizes.

Also, during the time I’ve been training with Sam I have hardly gotten sick. My body is healthier and that’s a big deal with my track record and being a Preschool Teacher as well. Emotionally, I still battle with my appearance, but I can feel my confidence gaining every time I feel and see progress from A Savage Body. Sam is not only an amazing trainer who will yell at you to motivate you, but she will also be the trainer to support you if your down. She has the perfect balance pushing you out of your comfort zone and knowing when you need some encouraging words.

SAM: What does having A Savage Body mean to you?

BECCA: It means being healthy for my family (present and future) and being healthy for myself- being the best version of me that I can be! What’s stopping you from having a Savage Body?

Aesthetics with A Walsh






If the words precision, symmetry and growth make your ears perk up… Andrew Walsh is the man you need to meet and this is the interview to read!

Andrew eats, sleeps and breathes his dedication to fitness. Each day he lives in pursuit of attaining goals, only so he can begin setting bigger ones. I’ve been fortunate to get to know Andrew during the past few months through photoshoots and workouts! He has a gift for bringing together positive people with complimenting strengths (both mentally and physically). I’ve even had the pleasure of getting my butt kicked by his intense beach workouts!

I’m truly happy to call Andrew a good friend! He’s got a great big heart and its evident in his interactions with everyone around him that

he rises by lifting others!

I was super excited that we finally got the chance to do an interview! He has some pretty incredible tips and tricks that he’s cultivated because of his detail oriented style!

So, get ready to carve out that upper body with this amazing shoulder and bicep variation!

Keep reading for my full interview with Andrew!

Sam: How long has fitness been your passion?

Andrew: Ever since I was a little kid, I would say. Growing up, it wasn’t always the best to be at home. Fitness was an outlet for me. I would just go and run until I was so tired I couldn’t really think about that stuff anymore. You could say I was a bit of a weird kid. I loved doing push-ups until I fell on my face.

At ten years old I could do a hundred consecutive push-ups.

I was very introverted. I didn’t really start going out until freshman year of high school. Thats when I started coming out of my shell.. but prior to that, most of my time was spent working out.

S: What kind of diet do you follow to maintain your physique?

A: I do this thing I like to call 80/20. Eighty percent of my meals are perfectly clean and then that gives me twenty percent wiggle room. So if you look at a diet in a week long period, you have 21 meals. Thats three meals a day. That gives me four meals a week to play with! When I’m eating clean I eat a lot of fish, I eat steak twice a week, chicken on days when I’m not doing fish and of course all of my veggies! I also eat cleans snacks, lots of fruits and almonds. Diet and nutrition is HUGE for me.

S: How crazy do you go on cheat day?? Whats your favorite cheat meal?

A: Oh I don’t play games! I go all out! I have a major sweet tooth, AKA donuts! I LOOOVE my donuts.

S: How many of the days of the week do you train? 

A: I would say that I’m in the gym four days a week.

I always take one solid rest day a week based on my work schedule.

I think that its super important to map out your week in advance to plan the days you want to workout.

S: What is one fitness myth you’d like to debunk?

A: You can’t over train. People say it isn’t good to workout for several hours. What I’ve learned from my experience is that if you want to get to that next level, you have to put in the time. People laughed at Michael Phelps, because he would do these crazy intense workouts with his team and then would workout on top of that. He ended up being the most decorated Olympian in US history. So, to people who say, overtraining and working out for two hours is too long I say, no. If you want to look different than everyone… you have to train different than everyone!

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!

S: Did you pursue an education in fitness to back up your passion?

A: Yes! I went to school for kinesiology and then I got a bunch of personal trainer certifications and nutrition certifications. I’m always studying up on different muscle groups on the body, learning how to target different areas and specific muscles. I do more of a physique style of bodybuilding.

S: What is your current career and how does it tie back into fitness?

A: I work with a company that focuses on injury prevention and corrective exercise. I love it. I actually went through a really rough time in college where I suffered a back injury.

I broke my back and was almost paralyzed from the waist down. They told me I would never be able to train again.

When you’re sitting in bed thinking poor me, it makes you realize what a blessing it is to be able to have two legs and the ability to work out. The company that was finally able to rehab me successfully is actually who I work for now! FMS Health and Safety. This company changed my life and thats a huge part of why I love what I do.

If you have more questions or if you’re interested in meal planning, training or getting a physical evaluation with Andrew? Shoot him an Email!


Rosy Dos Santos The American Dream






With it being Americas birthday week, I couldn’t imagine a better feature for A Savage Body than Rosy!

This woman is the American Dream.

Rosy and I met because we’re both what you would call “WAGS” (aka, wives and girlfriends of pro athletes). Her husband Alex plays ball with my Boyfriend Cyle on the Tijuana Toros Baseball team for the Mexican professional league! As a WAG it’s amazing to spend time supporting the men we love, but to be able to connect with women who share similar interests is such incredible added blessing! I was so excited when I found out Rosy was a personal trainer… but, I had no idea how truly inspired I would be by her story.

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

Looking at this beaming face, watching how she carries herself, you would never know all that she has fought to overcome. Rosy was born into humble beginnings in a small town in Brazil. She began working with her mother as a child. Her reality as a young girl looked much different than most of us who we’re raised here in the United States! I think this is also where her amazing work ethic must have come from! Unfortunate circumstances separated Rosy from her Mother for most of her teen life, BUT…that didn’t stop her! It motivated her! Rosy fought to be reunited with her mother and made the journey to America, alone. She has never stopped stopped fighting! She has achieved American residency and is working on becoming a permanent US citizen, all while being a full time mother and trainer! This is just a small peak of Rosy’s journey. Her full story is something I encourage you to ask her about!

I think being born into America is an incredible blessing. Unfortunately, it is a blessing that is all too often taken for granted. Meeting someone like Rosy, who has worked so hard to live in this great country opened up my eyes. America truly is the land of flowing opportunity. Rosy reminded me of that.

Rosy has dedicated the last few years to developing an advanced fitness education! Her knowledge combined with passion and vibrant spirit makes her the ultimate trainer!

Check out the video below to see Rosy put me through three of her go to squat workouts!

After our workout Rosy and I sat down to chat! Want to know more? Keep reading for our full Q&A!

Where are you from in Brazil?

I’m from Paraná, its a state located close to São Paulo. It’s in the south.

How long have you been in the USA and how do you like it here?

I’ve been here for 11 years. I love it here. I don’t see myself living anywhere else. The United States is my home now.

What inspired you to become a trainer?

I wanted to teach and help people who had the same questions about working out that I did. I want to help people who want to workout, but aren’t sure where to start when they go into the gym.

What advice would you give to moms who are trying to get workouts in while taking care of their little one? How do you make it work?

Make it fun! Have your little one help you! They are always watching and when they see that you have an active life, they will follow. You have to entertain them, but you can do that while doing something for yourself. When moms are happy, kids are happier too!

How important is diet in maintaining your body? What type of foods do you like to eat?

I think to eat healthy is very simple. People think it has to be hard. You need protein, a veggie and carbs. It doesn’t have to be boring. You can get creative with food. It doesn’t need to be restrictive either. I throw a bunch of things together when I make food! Eating healthy means eating simple. Natural foods. You can cheat every once in a while, because we all need that!

What is one go-to meal that you like to make?

I make turkey meat balls with a vegetable! It’s so easy to make and it tastes great too!


What does having A Savage Body mean to you?

It’s being happy with you you are. Being happy with what you have. You only have one body, so take care of it.

If you loved this interview feature on Rosy and want to know more about her and the training/nutrition programs she offers, contact her!


Motivated By Mendoza






This past week I stopped into Curl Fitness, a beautiful, open concept, boutique gym; located in the up and coming, Lido Marina Village in Newport Beach!

I was there with a special purpose, to meet lead trainer, Jeff Mendoza.

I was looking forward to the opportunity to work with Jeff and explore the environment at Curl! I knew that he would be a fantastic trainer after having a conversation with the owners of the gym, Amy and Jill! Both owners have put their heart and soul into the gym and they have brought on only the best and most highly qualified trainers.

Jeff started out our meeting by letting me know about his classic weight training background and how it has shaped his training style with his clients.

His demeanor was humble, patient, and kind while he explained the exercises we would be doing for the feature. The way he handled our meeting was a clear indication of the passionate and focused approach he takes when training clients. It was obvious that the knowledge he has gained through years of coaching experience has propelled him to the next level!

In the video you will see Jeff walk me through three exercises:

  • The Dumbbell Walking Lunge 
  • The Inch-Worm
  • The Barbell Bicep Curl

Check out the video to see for your self! Jeff Mendoza in action, at Curl Fitness

After the workout, I sat down with Jeff, ready to learn a little bit more about what drives him! Keep reading to find out what fuels his fitness fire…

Sam: How long has fitness been a part of your life?

Jeff: I’ve always been very active. PE was my favorite subject in school and I was always competitive. I started wrestling at a young age. I got my first gym membership when I was 16 to help me with my wrestling. Thats when I first noticed a personal trainer at work and it’s what I’ve wanted to do ever since.

S: Did you pursue any type of formal education to help you reach your goal of becoming a personal trainer?

J: I went to college for kinesiology, the study of human movement; with an emphasis in fitness. I knew I wanted to be a trainer or own a gym.

I’ve always wanted to help people be more active. Even when I was little in PE. I was that student that was helping others get engaged.

S: How long have you been training at Curl?

J: I’ve been here since it opened! About five years now. I’m an OG employee. There are only two original employees here.

S: What would you consider to be your personal specialty as a trainer?

J: I would say that my specialty is getting someone to live the fitness lifestyle.

Being a trainer is a lot more than just putting someone through workouts. It’s about changing someones life.

I would also say that strength training is one of my niches. Working with young guys and developing them using classic weight lifting.

S: Who has been your biggest inspiration in fitness?

J: The pioneers of fitness, along with a lot of the original “How To” YouTubers, because those are the people who work to reach the masses. They have changed so many peoples lives and that inspires me, because thats what I want to do. I want to create something in the fitness world that really changes peoples lives and actually works!

S: What is one fitness/lifting myth that you would like to debunk?

J: There is NO quick fix OR magic pill!

Whether it be cool sculpting, a 30 day challenge or even joining the best gym, nothing is going to automatically give you results. It’s the lifestyle change that will get you to reach your goals. After a “quick fix” you will always end up going back to old habits.

S: What does having A Savage Body mean to you?

J: Being strong, flexible, having good cardio, endurance and having low body fat. Those are the five components of fitness. When you have all of those five components up to par, you are fit, AKA you have “A Savage Body”. When you’re fit, everything out there in the world comes a little bit easier. You have the strength to protect yourself and confidence to do things on your own.

Jeff has such a dedicated approach to fitness and his clients. He is driven by the results achieved by each individual he works with. If you are ready and in need of a lifestyle change, you need an expert to assist you on your journey. Jeff is your man! 

Ready to train with Jeff at Curl?

Newport Beach, CA

Want to know more about Jeff? Looking to contact him directly?

Check out his website OC Fitness Lifestyle

Phone: (714) 425-4927

Email: Jeff_Mendoza10@yahoo.com


LEA-VEL Up With Lea






A picture is worth a thousand words am I right? The above image is a true reflection of the passion and intensity that fuels LEAJAY. I met up with Lea for the first time at her home gym, Metroflex, an iconic, high intensity gym, located in the industrial part of Long Beach, Ca. It didn’t take long to find out first hand why she is highly respected in the fitness community.

Lea is not only a trainer and nutritionist, but she is also the creative behind her namesake brand (LEAJAY)!

Let me tell you, this girl is dedicated to her craft and pours her self into her work! It was amazing to have the opportunity to meet her and get a workout in. She is so down to earth and motivated to LEA-vel up, her energy is contagious!

Watch the video below to see Lea walk me through three back exercises and destroy my upper body (I mean that in the best way  possible)!:

Read up to find out how Miss LeaJay got where she is today…

How long has fitness been a part of your life?

I grew up playing sports. I played travel basketball all through High School. It was my life! So I could you could say fitness has always been a part of me and I’ve always been fascinated by nutrition as well. Even in High School, playing competitively I knew it was important. The other girls were bigger than me, so I knew I had to compensate with my nutrition. I would even go to Trader Joes at lunch and get a Myoplex drink for a snack because I knew I had to preform better than the taller girls. As I got a little bit older and stopped playing basketball I started getting really interested in the gym.

What was the first step you took towards your career in fitness?

I got a job at Bally’s doing sales actually, while I was going to school out of state! The manager there encouraged me to become a trainer! I pursued training from that moment!

What type of health and fitness certifications do you have? I know you emphasize the importance of continued education a lot on your social platforms!

I am a level 1 certified nutrition coach. I also have my certification in Power Lifting! You want to be optimal in both areas of fitness. Nutrition and performance is just my own signature for how I set a program for my clients. I use the primary elements of power lifting along with my athletic background to really give my clients the most well rounded training possible.

Why did you choose to go with Power Lifting?

I chose specifically to get my cert. in Power Lifting because the way I see it, your bench, your deadlift and your squat are the foundation for every movement you do in the gym. Knowing how to execute those movements is essential in any form of training you’re doing!

Do you train online as well as in the gym?

I do! I have a lot of online clients and its growing! It’s really cool to see that transition and progression, but I definitely think my work in the gym has given me that baseline of experience to be able to train online. You have to be able to communicate online training in a very efficient, clear and concise way.

What is one expert nutrition tip you think everyone should know?

I would say, be consistent. Consistency is at the basis of everything. Even during my certification they told me, most of your clients are going to be at a level one. The first thing you have to understand is that you have to be consistent.

You have to get good sleep, have a healthy food intake on a daily basis and you’ve got to show up for your work outs.

Those are the three things I believe are SO NECESSARY on any program! It’s not really revolutionary advice. Just be consistent and get it done. That alone is going to create more progress. Its all about the process.

What is one fitness myth you’d like to debunk?

I would debunk the idea that you can only build a strong body and muscle from lifting super heavy weights! There are so many different aspects that are required to build a strong body. The accessory work that you put in with smaller weights will help you with those big lifts! It’s a lot of small things that contribute to the larger picture.

What is the greatest benefit you’ve gained personally from having a fit lifestyle?

The greatest benefit has been creating happiness within myself. This ended up being a completely different journey than I had ever expected. I never imagined I would have this whole community as a resource to me. I never thought I would have these amazing relationships that I’ve built throughout the years. The knowledge Ive gained from working with other coaches and people in the gym has really opened up doors for me in my life.

What does having a savage body mean to you?

A savage body means doing the hard thing every day. Showing up every day, building a habit. There is no secret or one exercise in particular. Like “Oh I just did this epic lift, I’m savage!”… No.

Having a savage body means having a hard ass day in different aspects of your life and still showing up for that one goal that you committed to for yourself. Saying I’m going to do this, regardless of the obstacles.

Lea builds a full program for her clients from the gym to the kitchen that allows them to maximize their results. The testimonials and transformations of her clients are incredible. If you’re looking to make a real change in your body, and would like to train in an involved gym with high energy, Lea is who you need to see!

That is why A Savage Body has partnered with LEA JAY for a SPECIAL OFFER!

Subscribe now and receive an email offer for a free 30 min in house session and evaluation or a 30 min online consult (for clients out of the area). 

Its your time to LEA-vel up!

Contact Lea


Long Beach, CA

Find Your Om With Carly






This weeks feature highlights local yogi, holistic business owner, author and kind soul, Carly Reeder. I met Miss Carly through a good friend of mine. I was excited to check out her training style and her studio, because of its prime location in central Huntington Beach. I knew Carly was an awesome yoga instructor prior to our interview, but I had NO IDEA how much her cute studio in HB has to offer!

Carly has a tremendous passion for helping others live their best life, internally and externally!

Her studio, My Om Yoga Home not only provides yoga classes, but also infrared heaters, massage therapy, thermal imagining, blood cell analysis and nutritional programs! It really is a one stop shop for mind, body and soul!

Check out the video where Carly takes me through 3 of her favorite Yoga postures and then turns them into flow:

Keep reading to find out how Carly got into the business of healing…

How long have you been practicing yoga?

I have been practicing yoga for a long time. I danced my whole life and my teacher started introducing yoga into the warm up in dance class. So, I would say, probably when I was in junior high school! I got certified when I was 21! Now I’m 34 and I’m not only certified in yoga, I’m also certified in pilates, gyrotonic and I have my massage therapy license!

How long have you had My Om Yoga Home?

A little over two years now! We opened November 2014!

Tell me a little bit about the wellness program you offer here at your studio! What is included in your wellness program?

I’ll give you a little background on myself to answer that… I went through my own healing crisis in college, when I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Their only recommendation was medication; anti-depressants and anti-anxiety. I didn’t want to take it. I tried it for literally about a week. I felt drugged and I realized it was NOT FOR ME! Making the decision not to use that as my treatment catapulted me into a long journey of health and healing myself naturally. I would say that it took about a decade for me to really learn and I’m still learning.

What did you discover that helped you heal?

Yoga and managing my diet! Taking sugar out, white flour and processed foods was huge! I added digestive enzymes and probiotics to my regime! I always wanted to have a home base where I could teach everyone what I’ve learned! We teach yoga here and we have super talented teachers, but thats not all it takes to be healthy! I always tell people, you don’t want to go to yoga class and then go eat a cheese burger or have a beer! If you want to achieve the full health benefits of an awesome yoga class and balance your alkaline levels and PH you follow up with a coconut water or something nourishing for your body!

Ask your self, what can I do to put the least amount of stress on my body?

There are some things we have control over and some things we don’t. Life’s circumstances, we don’t have control over, we don’t really have much control over air pollution, but we do have control over what we put in our body! We do have control over the habits that we have, like when we go to bed or if we exercise or not. I live my life trying to add the least amount of stress on my body.

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle? What inspires you to keep it up?

Focusing on self care. If you don’t have the self care you will go into self sabotage. It happened to me for a long time. I 180 changed my life, diet, exercise, everything, but I always went back to my old habits and it was so frustrating! Time after time! I didn’t understand why it was happening. I attended a lot of workshops through out those years and self love and self care came up a lot. I always thought self love was selfish and egotistical, but I finally came to the realization, it’s about taking care of yourself! Once I fully embraced that concept it changed everything.

All of the destructive behavior and thoughts started to peel away. If I could teach people one thing, self love would be it!

What does having A Savage Body mean to you?

I think having A Savage Body is being strong in your body and your mind. Its not necessarily what your body looks like on the outside. I used to feel like some of the fat on my body was negative when I was working out… like it needed to get off! Now that I’ve learned self love, every cell in my body is positive and happy. When every cell in your body is healthy and you’re not hanging on to any kind of negative baggage, that is when you’ve achieved A Savage Body!


I’m always pleasantly surprised when I meet new people and find a commonality between their life and my own.

The most incredible part of A Savage Body is just that; the connectivity in the human to human experience.

I have had my own personal struggle with anxiety. Health and fitness have been greatly therapeutic for me, but it’s a process! Meeting someone like Carly, who openly shares her journey and how she has dealt with her anxiety is empowering. It serves as a wonderful reminder that none of us are in this alone. Everyone has battles to face… but, we don’t have to deal with them without support. Life is a lot more beautiful when we face challenges together!

Curious to know more about Carly’s story and how you can be ‘Stress Free For Life’? CLICK TO CHECK OUT HER BOOK

Looking to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul? Call or stop by My Om TODAY!


19051 Goldenwest #103, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Savage Beauty Pt. 1 Beauty With A Mission

This weeks post is a little bit different. It features an aspect of A Savage Body that we have yet to touch on…



How is beauty connected to having A Savage Body?

  • Skin is your largest organ.
  • It’s your first impression when you make an introduction.
  • It impacts how you see your self when you look in the mirror.
  • Healthy skin is the first indication of internal fitness and wellbeing.

SO GUESS WHAT?! That makes it a TOP health priority! 

You may or may not know this about me, but I have struggled with skin issues for almost my entire teenage and early adult life. It has been something that I was embarrassed by for a long time and I did my best to conceal the problems I was facing. This world we live in is inundated by images of top models on social media. It leads you to believe people are flawless. Rarely do influencers or even our friends express vulnerabilities on public platforms. We all like to project the best, most highlighted version of ourselves. Thats great, but we should also be real and we all face our own challenges! I would be lying If I said I wasn’t a little bit insecure posting this for the world to see.

I’ve made the decision to be open and share my story, so someone else out there might realize they’re not alone!

Anyone who has experienced skin conditions and/or acne knows, it’s a roller coaster! One month may be great, heck… five years could be great (in my case), but skin problems often return and they fluctuate in severity!

While I’ve suffered from Acne and Seborrheic Dermatitis I’ve experienced a lot of different emotions…

Embarrassment being one, but I also experienced denial and helplessness. It came in stages. I hoped one day that my skin would magically clear. When that didn’t work I sought out the help of a Dermatologist who prescribed antibiotics and a topical Retin-A treatment (WHICH WORKED). However, once I stopped using the antibiotics, the breakouts came back and I didn’t want to be reliant on antibiotics for the rest of my life. This was the point at which I felt helpless. At 24 years old, in the best relationship of my life, following my dreams, pursuing health and fitness, I was plagued with adult acne!

I finally reached a breaking point and came to the realization that I needed stop being afraid of my skin and fight back!

Fortunately for me, I found Beauty With A Mission, in Newport Beach! They we’re ready to fight with me! They welcomed me with zero judgement about my skin and have cheered me on every step of the way!

Beauty With A Mission.JPG

The Team at Beauty With A Mission (especially Miss Abby) crafted a plan just for me!

My specific skincare needs involve combating new breakouts and healing old scarring/damage. I had let things get out of hand for a while so I knew this wasn’t going to be a quick process, but I was ready to put the work in!

Check out the video below to see what a day looks like at Beauty With A Mission:

Check out my progress! Photo #1 is where I started and #3 is me today!

skin in phases.JPG

I’m not yet where I want to be to go confidently makeup free… but I have come far! I will continue with Beauty With A Mission and Laser Genesis! I will keep fighting for clear beautiful skin! I will keep you updated on my progress! Please send over any questions you might have and share your own story with me! Whether that means commiserating or sharing successful skin care tips!

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Feeling The Burn With Britt






The past couple of weeks I’ve taken some time to explore my new neighborhood in Upper Newport Beach. I try to take inventory of new gyms when ever I cruise around the OC and I definitely like to scope out the spots close to me! I noticed the Burn Bootcamp building the first day I moved to the area. I knew I wanted to stop in as soon as I had a little free time to introduce myself! Ironically, just a couple of weeks after my move, a friend of mine posted something on Facebook about her trainer being selected as an ambassador for Athleta! That trainer just so happened to be BRITT! The lead trainer at BURN BOOTCAMP! It was a sign! I could tell by Britts social media that she was fun loving and extremely passionate about fitness! I reached out and we were able to set up a time to meet a couple of weeks later!

Walking into Burn on the day of the interview, I had no idea what specific strengths Britt would be highlighting or what kind of unique features the Burn Gym would have to offer!

I walked in to witness a large group of women with post-workout, endorphin induced smiles and positive energy flowing!

The crowd ranged in ages and there were even a few tots spread about, that had just come out of the FREE CHILD CARE. Yes, you read that correctly, they offer free child care (how great is that)! Britt made her way through the buzzing group to introduce her self and beamed with genuine enthusiasm after coaching her morning boot campers! I knew it was going to be a great day then and there!

Watch the video to see how Britt made me feel the Burn:

Curious about where Britt got her start? Keep reading to find out:

How long has fitness been your passion?

My whole life. My first memories are in a jogger stroller, when my parents would run together. I think its been passed on from my parents. My mom has always been really health conscious. We were always super healthy at our house when I was a kid. My mom gave me that kind of foundation.

Were you an athlete?

I was. I’ve always been really competitive in sports. I competed in soccer, running, and tennis… tennis stuck! I played competitive tennis through High School. Then I went to college and did more of the social thing. I was in a sorority and that was amazing, but I had kind of lost that competitive passion and fire for a while.

So, I started getting into triathlons my Junior year.

I did a lot of running in my early twenties and then I got into strength training!

Who has been your biggest inspiration in fitness?

My mom. She still works out every single day. She’s sixty-five and she still swims a mile three times a week! She used to run a lot too, but she can’t anymore because she’s had hip surgery.

How important is diet in your personal fitness?

I think diet is 70% of what you’re doing. You can workout everyday and put in maximal effort, but diet is important for two main reasons.

A. Diet determines the kind of results you get (if you want to build lean muscle, lose weight, etc.).

B. What you eat is your fuel. Its important to eat before you workout to have the proper energy and it’s important to get protein after you workout to feed your muscles!

You were recently selected as an ambassador for Athleta, tell us a little bit about how that happened!

We opened this gym at the end of 2016, so we’ve only been open about 6 months. A part of my role as head trainer is to find joint ventures in the community! It’s part of how we build our community! I have a client at the gym who works for Athleta and we were talking about being a partner of the month. I went in to the store and asked what we could do to partner. I met with their community manager and we just got along really well! We set up a partnership that started in March. Every Sunday we were over there at the Fashion Island location representing Burn, doing free pop up camps! It was open to everyone! Athleta also came into our gym for a showcase. Building that relationship with the store propelled me to apply to become an ambassador!

What does having a savage body mean to you?

I think a savage body is, setting a goal for yourself, for your fitness and training to achieve that goal. Whether that goal is to run a mile, or a marathon. I think everyone has different body types, but its all about how you feel in your unique body.

I think you should do the workouts that make your body feel good.


It was a great experience getting to work with Britt at her home gym! If you’re looking to feel empowered, if you have a fitness goal you would like to achieve, if you’re a mom and you want to get out of the house and back in to fitness… Britt and Burn are a savage body’s pick for you!

Ready to burn up some calories with Britt?

Costa Mesa/Newport Beach, CA

The Kat Secor Effect






About a month ago I attended a networking event at Elev8 Performance in Huntington Beach, to celebrate their second birthday! I was excited, but also slightly nervous to extend myself out into the fitness community for the first time outside out my normal gym! It was at that event that I first came across Kat Secor. A woman with a physique that talks before she does. Kat of course stood out from crowd! Her hard work was evident and I knew I had to get an interview!

About a month later, we we’re able to catch up at The Sweat Shop gym in Lakewood!

Kat greeted me with the most genuine smile and the kind of welcoming attitude that instantly makes you feel at home in a place!

Kat was prepared with something to kick my butt and I knew it! Typically in training interviews we showcase three different exercises that highlight the personal knowledge and strengths of a trainer, but Kat had idea to switch things up a bit! She wanted to coach me through three different deadlift variations! I loved the idea and I loved that she was thinking outside of the box! Using different types of weights to execute and exercise can be daunting and technically challenging. Thats why its easy to fall into a comfort zone with your favorite exercises and stick to what you know. Working with someone like Kat allows you to push your self out of your comfort zone to try new things! She’s highly focused on technique and she knows what it takes to achieve change in the body!

Check out the video below where Kat crushes my hammys and glutes in the best way using 3 deadlift variations:

Working with Kat I learned that their is a lot more behind this bad ass chicks aesthetic than meets the eye! Kats own appearance is just one reflection of her hard work ethic and determination! She is an elite athlete, but she is also an incredibly driven entrepreneur with a huge heart. Her online training and nutrition coaching business is her passion! *Kat trains the large majority of her clients via video conference and uses a 360 approach aimed to create a fit mind, body and soul.*

She has also partnered up with her mom (aka Dr.Mimi) to form a power-house team. Their mission is to change peoples lives, INSIDE AND OUT, using their year long program called The Secor Innitiative! Find out more about their awesome program HERE!

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How long has fitness been your passion?

Its always been a passion of mine.

I played paintball nationally on an all female paintball team in an unsegregated league.

There aren’t enough women players out there to have an all female league. So you’re playing against men! Men are just naturally stronger with better endurance. It used to infuriate me that I was getting tired faster than they were. I couldn’t hold my gun up without my arms getting sore and my legs would get fatigued. I started going to the gym to sort of even out the playing field and make my self more competitive athletically. So, thats how I really got into fitness. When I started I was pretty scattered. I didn’t know what a training split was, I didn’t have any strategy with it. I was winging it! In 2011 I started working with a trainer who taught me how to split up body parts and focus individually on different aspects of the body, to achieve results.

What inspired you to compete and go for pro?

I slowly I pulled myself away from working with a trainer and started working out on my own. I started meeting competitors and it would just boggle my mind how ripped they were. The diets, the timing, hearing how it felt on stage. I decided I wanted to try it! I was already going to the gym six days a week! I thought, whats the next challenge? Whats the next new and exciting thing I can do to challenge my self? I my first bikini competition in 2012. I placed second to last, but I was hooked! The next day, I went and played a paintball tournament, where we got first place!  I still felt I won in the big picture!

I had some really bad placing when I started out, but it didn’t matter. It was still the most exciting thing I had ever done!

What is the greatest benefit fitness has given to your life?

You meet different people and you meet different coaches. Everyone teaches you new things. I found this passion for lifting. I found myself in fitness, in the gym, in the weights, in the adversity that you go through with each workout! Overcoming that adversity is such metaphor that you can overcome anything if you set your mind to it! I mean… Whats harder than squatting almost 400lbs? If you can get out from under that weight, you can achieve anything.

The gym and fitness proves that your more capable than you had ever imagined!

With hard work, discipline, commitment and follow through, you can do anything.

Thats the underlying message.

What is one lifting myth you’d like to debunk?

The biggest lifting myth for women. The idea that if you touch a heavy weight you’re going to get all bulky and huge. That is just SO WRONG!

It takes so much hard work and specific intentional eating to build muscle.

Even if you lifted for a month and ate perfectly, you would be lucky to gain one pound! Thats if you’re lucky! So lift heavy, lift hard and eat right! Lifting is going to help you burn fat and have a better shape to your body!

Who is your fitness idol?

My idols are my peers. I think a lot of people idolize the pros. Pros that they don’t really know, but they’ve seen achieve greatness. When in reality, it’s the people pushing you on a daily basis to achieve your own personal greatness. Those are the people to idolize.

What does a savage body mean to you?

Having a savage body is more than what our mind jumps to instantly when we hear the word “savage”… that our body has to be all ripped up! I don’t think thats correct. I think having a savage body is a mind set of confidence; loving and owning what your body they way it looks like right now. Including all of your perceived flaws. A savage body is owning all of who you are.

Kat really impressed me with her knowledge and strength during our interview, but what impressed me more was her character. She truly believes in her mission. She cares tremendously about helping others and creating a positive impact. I left feeling like I had not only learned a lot, but I also gained a friend in the community! 




Visit her site:


All About The VIBE





vibe interview

Have you heard? There’s a new hot spot for healthy food in town!

Its nestled conveniently between Bristol and Jamboree in Newport Beach right off of the 73 Freeway, the major route so many of us in OC take to and from work! How awesome is that?! I’ve always been surprised by the lack of creative culinary joints in the area. It’s frustrating because it seems like we’re surrounded by chain restaurants in Orange County, yet LA has so many diverse options! Josh, the owner of Vibe saw the need in our community for a health conscious restaurant, with options that go beyond juice and nut bars! Let me just say, I’m SO happy he did! Vibe has a large menu with flavor diversity and high nutrition value. Its exactly what the area needed!

I felt very fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down and chat with Josh about where he got his start, how healthy eating has shaped his life and how much he enjoys helping others eat their way to a happier life!

Check out the video below to see a few favorite items on the menu:

When I sat down to enjoy all of this amazing food, Josh and I got to talking. Here is what he had to say:

How did you get into health food and where did your passion for vegetables come from?

I started getting into health food in college. I was really into the Paleo diet and so I taught my self to cook with paleo principles, gluten free and all of that. After college is when I realized I REALLY love food so much, that I had to be doing something professionally with it! I went to culinary school in Miami which was great. Cooked in some restaurants out there for a bit. When I moved back to California I got more specifically into health food. Rather than just the trendy stuff! I wanted to cook the way I like to eat at home. Ive always been into vegetables. Ive always thought there is a lot you can do with them. It was strange to me that so many people we’re only eating vegetables in such generic form. Steamed brussel sprouts, Grilled asparagus… its boring! You can cook them in so many ways.

You can achieve a really cool texture and flavor with vegetables when you get creative and they can be the main event. I wanted to share that perspective with people!

How did Vibe get started? What inspired you to create this restaurant?

I had a meal delivery business for a while doing raw ultra Vegan food. Raw eating stems from the premise that you’re eating everything with its maximum nutritional content. Any time food is heated it loses some of its nutritional benefits. Under a certain temperature all of the food is living. Its pretty intense, but when I was eating that way I felt amazing! You have so many benefits, but there are some negatives. Its anti-social, all of your meals have to be planned out in order to feel full. I knew right away that it wasn’t a sustainable lifestyle.

I wanted to take that same nutrition focused diet, but make it a little bit more accessible!

Thats the idea behind Vibe. We still focus food around veggies and make sure they are the star while incorporating some cool modern cooking techniques, from my background as a chef! We’re making veggies fun!

Tell me about what it means to eat Organic? I think a lot of people believe the term is just a label. How important would you say it is to be eating organic foods?

I think a lot more people are familiar with the term now than they were five or ten years ago, which is good! There are a few different things to keep in mind when you’re deciding whether or not to invest in organic. If you’re eating a small bowl of spinach and you go with non-organic, the amount of pesticides won’t be as harmful as it would be if you were say, using a large quantity of spinach and juicing it down into a cup. When you’re juicing especially, you’re trying to do something good for your body. You’re attempting to give it condensed quality nutrients, but it’s a higher concentration of chemicals if its not organic. Another big thing about organic is that its harder to grow. Bugs like real food, they like veggies! Organic crops are a lot more susceptible to bugs, so your yields are typically lower.  It’s a shame that our food supply kind of got looked over. We just looked at how we could make food grow faster, stronger and bigger. We have stopped thinking about where our food comes from. We think it just comes from the super market, but in order for it to get there it requires a process.

I think people are finally starting to realize that the natural process is the best!

In your opinion what does A Savage Body mean to you?

A Savage body means giving your body all of the right things it needs to live a healthy, happy, long and strong life. That to me, primarily starts with nutrition and is heavily supplemented with fitness. I believe 80% of our looking and feeling good comes from our nutrition and the other 20% is fine tuned and dialed in with exercise. If you’re using those things together you will hopefully be able to live a long life, age well and be fit to play with our grandkids!


I have to say, Vibe really has impressed me! Not only is the atmosphere great and the food delicious, but its backed by true passion. Its safe to say I’m going to be a regular here and once you try it out, you will be too!

Are you ready to Vibe? Click for the Menu

Can’t wait to get your grub on? Drive on over!

1000 Bristol St. N.

Newport Beach, CA 92660