25 Min full body burn – Workout


Are you running on limited time? Or maybe you have a half hour to spare and you aren’t sure how to spend it!  This workout is a quick and effective full body fat burner!

It’s always great to workout on days when there is tons of free time and zero stress… but, lets be honest, that isn’t always the case! I personally could spend 2hrs+ happily in the gym and I refer to the days I’m able to do that as my ‘luxury’ days. More often than not I find myself needing to shorten my workout in order to accomplish everything else I have going on in life! Limited time has motivated me to increase the effect of every workout I do!

My secret to shortening my workouts and boosting results?… I’ve become best friends with combo exercises!

Here is this weeks 25min fat burning/tone-up!

T.SKATERLUNGE.jpgskater lungeEven when you’re running short on time it is super important to fit in a little warm up exercise! Skater lunges are great because they get the whole body moving and they get your heart rate up for fat burning! It’s important to use your alternate arm to lunging leg! Hop from right to left!

Repeat 30 X 3


Now that your body is loosened up you can add in some weights! I like to hold a single dumbbell while doing side lunges, as opposed to using two. It helps with stability! Lunge to the right, return to center and lunge to left! Make sure you’re knee does not pass over your toes while side lunging!

Repeat 30 x 3

t.reverseElevatedReverseLungetoHighKneeThis one looks tricky, but you’re going to love it! In order to do a reverse lunge to high knee you only need a small elevated supporting surface! With one foot on the elevated surface, place the other foot behind and sit into a deep lunge. Stand back up onto your supporting leg and pull the same leg that lunged back up and into a bent high knee! This exercise is intended to be a little bit more fast paced!

Repeat 30 X 3 (15 on each leg)


The sumo squat box jump is pretty cut and dry! Find a box or surface that you can jump on to, that isn’t too wide to squat over. The key points: make sure your knees don’t pass over your toes, keep shoulders upright and DIP IT LOWWWW!

Repeat 20 X 3


Pulsing squats seem easy enough, right? Well… throw in a front dumbbell hold and its a whole new ball game! Follow all of the previous tips about squats and keep a 90 degree front hold on your dumbbell the entire time! Cry now, thank me later! 😉

Repeat 30 X 3


Last, but not least… curtsey lunge hammer curls! Wrap up this workout with a bang! start in a neutral posture holding your dumbbells by your sides. Step back to the right in an exaggerated lunge, crossing your lunging foot back and to the side. While you step into the lunge you’re bringing your dumbbells up into a hammer curl. This is one fluid motion! Return to neutral and repeat on your left side!

Repeat 30 X 3 (15 each side)

and Voila! You just slayed using only 25mins of your day!

I’m looking forward to sharing more quick combo workouts with you guys, because anyone can make time for a 25min sweat session during their daily routine! You can also check out my instagram @asavagebody to see the full video of this workout!

Trouble Shooting Arms & Abs – Workout


This one goes out to the ladies!

The top two problem areas I hear gripes about the most are flabby tummy and arms with no definition. This workout targets both areas! 

I’m back in my home gym in Tijuana! For those of you that don’t already know… I spend about half of my time down here in Mexico! My boyfriend Cyle plays baseball for the Toros of Tijuana! It’s been the greatest blessing to get to come down and support his dream. I feel doubly blessed because I’m still able to pursue my passions while I’m here! We have this awesome gym and tons of workout space! I even found this giant classroom to film videos in! I mean I’m not 100% sure this is what they intended the space for… but HEY! No one else was using it. haha.

Anyways, back to the workout! Most of the moves from todays workout require a small weight. I used plates because I find them to be the most functional for this workout!

*Key: Make sure to prep with a stretch before any and all exercise!*



I began this workout with a Plate Cross Lunge!

Grab your weights! This is a standard lunge with a twist! Literally! You’re going to be starting out with your arms straight and plates parallel to your face. As you drop down into your lunge bring the plates to the outside of your knee. Repeat by bringing the weights back up to your face level and then twisting the opposite direction, bringing weights to the inside of your knee! Switch legs and do the same on the other side!

Repeat for 3 sets at 20 reps on each leg!


Now were isolating the upper body, with a bicep curl.

Start with the weights by your sides and then bend your arms in to a curl. Bring the weight up quickly and lower back down to your sides more slowly. This increases the shock impact on your muscles and creates constant tension building strength. I like to preform this exercise with a slight bend in my knees for added stability.

Repeat for 3 sets at 20 reps!

ski arms-2

The third exercise is something I like to call Ski Arms!

This is the reverse movement of the previous exercise. Start with the weight at your sides, arms pulled back and bent and then extend completely straight behind your back! Like a skier! Hence the name! Imagine that your arms are a lever and the lever stops at your butt. Do not allow your arms to completely bend back down. Maintain tension by keeping them slightly extended at all times. This is great for the back of the arms in that common trouble spot!

Repeat for 3 sets at 20 reps!

Side Plank Crunch-2.jpg

Side crunch time!

This might look a little bit on the difficult side… but give it a try before you modify. You might surprise yourself! Begin this exercise with on arm on the ground, one arm behind your head and feet stacked in a side plank position. Bring your elbow to your knee and return back to stacked side plank in between. If you would like to modify this movement you can lay on a mat and do this on the ground.

Repeat for 3 sets at 20 reps on each side!


Last one, this Clap-Up Sit-Up is going to light your abs on fire!

Begin with legs straight and shoulders hovering the ground! Bring one knee up as you crunch your chest in and clap underneath your bent leg! Alternate legs, returning back to a straight hovering position in between each clap! You’re really going to become obsessed with this one!

Repeat for 3 sets at 30 reps!

Hope you guys love this weeks workout! If you have questions, special requests or just want to chat fitness… Don’t be shy! Shoot over a comment on this post or send me an email sam@asavagebody.com!

Booty and Back or bust – Workout


Okay everyone, I’ve had a lot of you ask what workouts I do when I hit the gym to train on my own. I’ve decided to incorporate a new section on to A Savage Body… my daily workouts!

I’m super excited to share some of the program that I use to maintain and also better my body (I mean thats what we all really want…RIGHT?!).

This week I switched my Gym membership from the Huntington Equinox to the Irvine location and decided to utilize their awesome rooftop space for this workout! l will definitely be using the rooftop A LOT during these warmer summer months! So nice to feel the sun while getting a workout in and gotta keep up that tan, DUH! haha.

Alright, time to get to business. Let’s discuss this workout…

*key: I always prep for my workouts with a light stretch*


I started out with the Bosu Burpee Squat.

This takes the Burpee that we all know and love to a new level! Begin this exercise in plank holding onto the flipped Bosu. Do a full push-up holding onto the sides of the Bosu. Return to a standing position, jump up onto the flat face of the flipped Bosu and then squat!

This exercise demands some serious core activation! Even though you will be using your arms, back, legs and booty (because this is FULLLL BODY) the most important thing is maintaining a strong abdomen!

I like to do 3 sets of these for about 15 to 20 reps.


Second, I flipped the Bosu right side up and grabbed a barbell off the rack, for Bosu Barbell Side Lunges.

I always try to pick a weight that feels challenging, but still allows me to execute the move with accurate form. I went with a 45lbs barbell for this exercise. Figure out what works best for you! 

Start with the barbell on your shoulders, one foot on top of the Bosu and the other about a foot and a half, to two feet away. You’ll want to have a pretty wide stance over the Bosu. Lunge and sit over the foot that is placed on top of the Bosu. Keep your shoulders back to protect from strain and injury. Really dig deep into your lunge and try to sit back into your glutes.

Repeat for 3 sets at 15 reps! Do this on the right and left side!


Number three, the Bent Over Row!

I had shied away from working my back and arms in the last two years. I think women, myself included tend to worry about bulking our upper body. Recently, after the encouragement of my boyfriend, I’ve picked up the arm and back workouts again. I’m loving the results. I feel more balanced and with some extra focus I’ve kept the muscle growth lean! This exercise has been one of my favorites lately. It’s a classic and thats because it gets the job done. Plain and simple.

Grab a barbell (don’t overdue it on the weight)! Stand with a slight bend in the knees, your back slightly arched and arms straight holding the barbell. Pull the barbell up to your chest, then lower back to a straight arm position. In order to maximize this move, you’ll want to pull the weight into your chest at a 1 count and lower at a count of 3. This helps maintain tension on the muscle. You will feel this later!!

3 sets for 15 reps!


Number four in todays workout series is The Ball Slam Lunge!

Fair warning, this one is a little tricky in the beginning! Grab a soft weighted ball ( I used a 16lbs ball). Stand with legs straight, holding the ball at face level. Drop down into a lunge and throw the ball to the inside of your knee to the ground. Pick up the ball from the ground and straighten legs while pulling the ball back up to face level. This time when you drop back down into a lunge you’ll throw the ball to the outside of your knee. Repeat this, alternating which side you slam the ball on each time!

You might feel a little shaky in balance when you begin this workout. Its awkward trying to catch the ball as it bounces up after the slam. Be patient with your self and you’ll get the hang of it! I know you’ll fall in love with this move because its great for the legs, arms, core and booty!

Repeat for 3 sets at 15 reps on each side!


The days workout concluded with a Rotating ViPR Lunge!

If I had to pick I would probably say that this one is my favorite out of the five exercises shown from today! I love utilizing the ViPR in my workouts! If you haven’t used one yet, this is a great first move to try!

Start this move with holding the ViPR tube upright, in front of your face, with your legs separate and straight. Sit into a lunge and swing the ViPR tube to the inside of your knees. Stand up out of the lunge returning to the starting position. When you sit back into the lunge swing the ViPR down to the outside of your knees.

Repeat for 3 sets at 15 reps on each side!

I hope y’all enjoy the breakdown of this workout! If you have any questions, comments or requests shoot them over to me at sam@asavagebody.com!