Who is Savage Sam


A girl with a mission.  A mission to deliver knowledge about fitness. The inspiration behind A Savage Body™ came from my personal experience with fitness and its impact on my mental, physical and spiritual well-being.  I learned self love through hard work in the gym, it’s a place where I’m able to exceed my own expectations. Now, I want to share my experiences with you. A Savage Body™ features my journey with a variety of amazing fitness experts. Let them ignite that inner fire for fitness in your life and get you on your way to A Savage Body™!

I’ve been blessed to work with some of the most highly skilled, educated and passionate trainers out there. What I’ve learned so far from being in the fitness world is that…

not everyone achieves A Savage Body™ the same way.

Some reach their prime through high intensity training, some through yoga, some through sports, you get the idea! There’s more than one way to achieve your fitness goals some traditional, some not so traditional! The cool thing is,

A Savage Body™ will be featuring trainers from all areas of health and fitness.

So when you want to enhance your fitness plan or add in a new dimension to your routine, all you’ll need to do is check out what’s new from our featured trainers on A Savage Body™ blog!

My commitment to myself and to my readers is to keep training and keep learning. To incorporate not just the physical, but the mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of becoming fit.  There’s a lot of knowledge out there, but it’s not always easy to know who to listen too or what will work best for you and your lifestyle.  I want to help. I’m excited to share ALL of the diversity and different methods of these talented experts so that

together, we will achieve our best personal fitness.

A Savage Body™ is always on a search for qualified trainers, coaches, therapists, nutritionalists, yogis, mentors and fitness experts of all kinds. Together, let’s educate, motivate and elevate! Its time we help each other achieve our best life!

What does ‘A Savage Body’ mean to you?